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Hello warriors,
The scenario is, I am currently working on a market research website, which publish the market reports. The task assigned to me is to drive the traffic and leads from United States. By doing some SEO activities i managed to drive the traffic but there is no significant change in leads from US. Can anyone share his views in this scenario?
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    Go to Google Trends and look up for the trending topics related to your niche. Find out what people are talking about, what are the topics of discussions, what are they looking for. Then use those in creating content answering exactly those queries. Prepare content as if you are talking to them, on a human level and directly answering their queries. You can also make use of BuzzSumo.
    US classifieds postings can also help in getting traffic from there.
    Join United States specific Facebook groups related to your niche and post your content there. Reach out to influencers on twitter, send them your content and ask them for retweets.
    These all are bound to help you brother!
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    There is many ways fitting your niche , I am using Facebook Groups and I am getting good quality traffic from , I am using a very powerful Facebook groups method , I post multiple comments to multiple group posts , Its amazing and you can use also automatic tool like Botchrome !
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    How are you doing SEO?

    I suggest you do SEO outreach ONLY with blogs with US traffic

    Kills 2 birds with one stone: you boost your rankings and you get direct US traffic
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    you can use youtube SEO its easier that web seo , drive traffic from youtube
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    Please have a look if your website content uses the content that you use. Also check if the website speed is below 5s and also check the backlinks that is being pointed to your website. Further check if your website is being indexed in the Google.
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  • If you want targeted traffic for your niche then FB groups is the way to go

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