Why Am I Not Listed On Craig's List? What's Their Game?

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Hello guys,

I just want to know your take based on your experience. Why would I list on Craig's List, get a URL to my ad from them, and I'm still not ACTUALLY listed when I look at the category. It's been a week now. Same story. Why would Craig's List lie? Blatantly. Why would they give you a URL that only YOU can see?
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    Because they do not want spammers on their site


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    Craigslist does not lie. You most likely violated the terms of service. Craigslist now to post in certain sections. So you may have to see if you have to pay.
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    You are experiencing what is known as "ghosting" of an ad on Craigslist. This is done very intentionally by Craigslist to deceive people into thinking their ad is Live and published when it actually is not. There could be a whole host of reasons why your ad was essentially not approved ranging from overposting to containing trigger words which tripped up their ad filters to keyword stuffing and more. You should look at the List format of ads in your section to confirm that your ad is properly published.
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      Originally Posted by Schieber Merle View Post

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