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So, I've decided to get serious about article submission and have been diligently working at spinning some original content into various "unique" articles.

I have two questions I need clarification on first though.

1] What is the ideal percentage of uniqueness I should be shooting for on each spun article. And please don't tell me 100%.

2] I plan on using Article Submission Robot to do the grunt work. Assuming I have 30 versions of one particular spun article: Do I submit each version to all the sites available? 30 spun articles on the same topic X 400 - 500 sites?
Do I break the various versions of the same spun article up into some other submission plan? ie. Article #1 to sites 1 -20, article #2 to sites 21 - 40 etc. If so, please recommend an ideal breakdown.
Is there a totally different plan of attack I should consider.
Thanks in advance,
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    One thing I do is rewrite an article but with a different main keyword.
    I also sometimes mix up 2 keywords in the title and summary.

    rewrite percentages are difficult but here is what I do

    For submitting to my own sites I want the article to be at least 30% different to anything else. By changing the keywords I find it quite easy to put addiferent slant on the subject.

    If there were 5 paragraphs I rewrite to first and last ones.

    I then look through the other 3 and make some semantic or synonym changes.

    Occasionally you will find a topic that is not covered well and has great keywords. I would up my rewrite percentage on this to at least 50%.
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