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need easy to use program or way to automatically fill form and submit it on some urls any suggestions ? hope every body get profit form that post and your great replies
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    Hi Nerdy Girl,

    Do not do this. This is called spamming

    If you go this route, every single one of your emails eventually land in spam folders. Which means zero business and little traffic.

    Fill out forms by hand, personalize interactions and do outreach effectively. Smart way to go.
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    no its not spam i'm intend to use it in paid membership site only for the selected targeted people only and they have to ability to block me anytime not as you think my friend hopping to find good recommendations
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    I'm a little confused about what you're trying to do.

    How were they targeted? Did the people request information from you?

    Are you trying to advertise your membership site?

    The fact that they can block you doesn't make it not spam. People block spam all the time.

    We could make better suggestions if we understand better what you are hoping to do.

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    I remember back in the day, where I'd post hundreds of URLs to pligg sites, automatically using the macro plugin in firefox. There was no spam as the pligg site welcomed mass submissions.
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    kindly explain how and what to use
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