Any way to get Google's search engine to power your site search, w/o old google SERP integrated look

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Hi everyone,

We currently have a PrestaShop site where we sell marine accessories, and thankfully, have been doing quite well up until now.

While visits are good, and thankfully, Google brings them to the right page through a Google search, if a customer is on the site, there is no way he is going to find his product through our regular search function. It's terrible.

The standard one PrestaShop brings was pretty bad, so we looked for a better search module, and found the only one called ElasticJet, but that's just as bad, if not worse, than the standard search function.

We've been with this headache for months.

I can recall coming across sites that had a sort of integrated Google search function, but it looks bad and dated design wise. Believe they're literally doing a google search in a site window (with ads and all showing up), and it's just an in-site search.

Any way to use that google power (and brains), but integrate into the site design? I know this is a tough as hell question, but it'd be a big help.

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