How to increase Conversion Rate of a Hotel website?

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Can somebody suggest what strategies can be applied to a 5 star hotel website to increase the Conversion Rate?
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    Do you get their email address so you can send them special offers and discounts? This helps remind them you exist long after they've left your page. Make them feel like they're getting these special offers only because they're part of your exclusive list.

    Video's are good but also have photos and information for those who don't want to watch videos. For instance, if they're looking at your page while at work they don't want a loud video to start playing.

    Do you offer deals like stay 4 nights and get one free?

    Do you tell them what your hotel offers that others don't?

    How are you bringing traffic to your site? Are they people who visit your area or like to travel new places? If the traffic sources aren't good you'll have a hard time converting.

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  • Try with targeting email ads. There are platforms that you can buy email lists of people who already purchased vacations. It's powerful method to increase sales. Let me know if you have any questions

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    I think you should use SEO to rank for Keywords related to hotels that people are searching. You can search online for SEO Gigs
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    First and often overlooked place to start would be past customer database. If you (or your client) are set up to email them you'll first want to segment them according to the type of amenities they used and then proceed to send out promo offers specifically tailored to each guest.

    You'd need a marketing automation tool to pull this off on autopilot because trying to do this manually would melt the brain.

    You can also look into running a retargeting campaign on site visitors who leave the site without booking.

    Always cheaper to sell to existing customers than find new ones.

    Hope this helps


    I don't send traffic traffic to opt in pages anymore. I Do This instead...

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    Originally Posted by White Rose View Post

    Can somebody suggest what strategies can be applied to a 5 star hotel website to increase the Conversion Rate?
    It's hard to give recommendations without knowing what you are doing now, can you please share what you are doing now to get conversions? How much traffic do you have? etc?
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    Originally Posted by White Rose View Post

    Can somebody suggest what strategies can be applied to a 5 star hotel website to increase the Conversion Rate?
    Run a limited time special offer periodically on the homepage. Test out which offers do the best and just keep repeating over the course of the year!

    Also, try to lead the visitor down a single path of action. The more things you ask them to click on and do on your website the lower your conversions will be. You need to keep them focused, and use your website to give them a compelling sales pitch.
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    Originally Posted by White Rose View Post

    Can somebody suggest what strategies can be applied to a 5 star hotel website to increase the Conversion Rate?
    Where is the hotel Who gave the 5 star rating? This reminds me of an old motel sign in Las Vegas that said, "Highly owner".

    I disagree with some of the advice above about having deals or specials. People that stay at 5 star hotels aren't concerned primarily about price. They want amenities, services, convenience, privacy and security.

    Who are the clientele? Are they wealthy business men/women in town for a meeting or convention? Or are they wives booking rooms for special occasions for couples? Newlyweds? Foreign tourists? Instead of discounts offer packages catered to your guests.

    Can you create packages that include dinner at gourmet restaurants, limo services, wine tasting, breakfast in bed, flowers, spas, VIP concierge services, personal assistant, translation services, etc.?

    What services and packages are the competition offering and are those hotels successful?

    How is the local economy? Are you fighting an uphill battle with a 5 star hotel in an area with a poor economy?

    What famous people have stayed at the hotel? Will they give you a testimonial of some kind?
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    many things to do to increase conversion
    -right compelling offer
    -right pictures
    -nice website
    -check on your competitors, might be you need a better producst

    as usual we know it's not just all about marketing itself, sometimes we realize it's all about the product too

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    What conversion rate are you talking about.

    Is it getting people on their list

    Is it getting previous guests to leave a review

    Is it getting potential guests to book a room

    Is it getting potential event planners to book their events there.

    Really, your question is just vague.

    And, if the hotel in question is, in fact, a legitimate 5 star hotel then they probably do not need help with website conversions


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    Sales-101 ... create urgency. The thing that gets me to book faster is seeing that there is only one or two of the room type I want left (oceanfront balcony, for example).
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