Where and how to find affiliates? Any good tutorials & advice?

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Hi, we are selling Martial Arts related products. We tried to drive traffic to our web site through Facebook ads, but we only ended up paying big money for absolutely nothing in return.
So now we are changing the approach - instead of ads, we want to use our affiliate program to generate traffic and sales for our web site.
We need to find affiliates who are willing to work for us and we need them now.
So, where to get affiliates from?
We tried contacting like 50 or 60 influencers on Instagram, but I doubt it that any of them has even seen our DM at all. So, Instagram is not an option for us.
What other places should we look at? Facebook groups are overcrowded and our ads get buried in other people's ads before anybody has the chance to see them. Facebook - not an option.
Also, we don't have time to write lengthy blogs or to create YouTube videos. As a matter of fact, we don't have any time at all - if we don't see increase in sales in the next 10 days, we will probably fold shop in order to prevent further losses.
If you have any good tutorials on how and where to get affiliates fast, let us know.

Thanks for your help!
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    I would use Clickbank as a marketplace. Not only does it have its marketplace of affiliates, but it also handles merchant services, so you don't have to worry about PayPal seizing your money if you have a perfect day. Many companies have created products using Clickbank and made $50k+ per day in really hot niches. But, to be successful, you have to have a sales funnel that converts...

    Why not offer a free plus shipping offer on the front end, these convert very well for Facebook and other Social Media traffic. You could take out the main point of your course and offer it as a book or a DVD/Audio CD (you can have this auto-shipped on a free+shipping offer using many services). Then upsell your full course. Then offer another upsell of the proper diet to become optimal in martial arts. You can also offer other upsells, physical products and white label supplements. For bonuses throw in some edited PLR content for a boost.

    While you can go the affiliate route and I recommend Clickbank because of its history and its stability, I would find out who your main competitors are and where they are advertising and put ads on those sites (basically model your competitors' sales funnels). You need to go out there and look at martial arts newsletters, solo ads, look at martial arts blogs that have a good following, martial arts forums, and see if you can buy ads there. Keep track of conversions and do split-tests on specific ads for specific markets. If you are contacting influencers on Instagram, say you will pay them to talk about your product or offer them a commission.

    Ultimately if your course doesn't sell, then you may want to ask your potential customers what they want. For example, ask the question on forums and social media groups about what the core problems your potential customers have with regards to martial arts. Then after you've got a bunch of responses, you can create the outline of your product. Then you can give a copy of your new course to those who answered questions and ask for testimonials. You can also interview movers and shakers in martial arts and create great bonuses. For example, if you want to interview the author of an excellent martial arts book or an influencer, that would make for a great product to offer to your list.


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    If you are looking for a good marketplace then MaxBounty is always a good choice.
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    Forget cheap social media freaks wannabe influencers or clickbank. You get serious afiliate-partners that bring in sales from awin or commission junction. https://www.awin.com or https://www.cj.com
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    Originally Posted by Bulldozer View Post

    Also, we don't have time to write lengthy blogs or to create YouTube videos. As a matter of fact, we don't have any time at all - if we don't see increase in sales in the next 10 days, we will probably fold shop in order to prevent further losses.

    Thanks for your help!
    That is probably a good idea because if you do not have time to do anything, and you want these affiliates just handed to you, then you should hang it up and restart when you have the time to run a business


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    you can visit cpamastermids.com they can help you finding new affiliates and also offer live sessions to go over what you need! check them, they are good!!
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    1. Make a personal connection

    2. Stand out with your messaging: speak "Real Affiliate-Speak"

    3. Follow up.

    In more detail...

    If you send a message through a medium that looks like every other spam message out there, why would you expect it to make it onto the recipient's radar. People sort their virtual mail just like their regular mail: into two piles, standing over the garbage can.

    Do something, behave in a different way, to get on their radar. Get creative. Doesn't have to be difficult.

    Use the language of proven affiliate marketers. No one cares about your offer. Nobody cares how great your product is. They have a zillion mouths all blasting the same stupid words in their face. They hit the IGNORE button and why shouldn't they?

    Real affiliate marketers talk in specific terms. They have a lingo and a way of proving the value of ideas that they use to separate the newbies who have accomplished nothing from the veterans who will help them make more money.

    And don't expect your intention to get through on the first try. People are busy. They had plenty on their plate before you ambled along, expecting them to fall on their ass in amazement at your arrival. Follow up. Be politely persistent.

    But all of this doesn't matter if you've done a lousy job of pre-qualifying your prospect list, which is the fact for most of you. Most of you are just spamming.
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    Lots of great advice here, especially from Jason and James.

    One thing that hasn't come up yet is to make sure that all the affiliates
    you do find are legit... and sell your product to people who are truly
    interested and will want to keep it. And they don't use stolen credit

    I think the affiliate programs have put a lot of checks and balances
    in place since I had a terrible experience with several bad affiliates
    a few years back. But still...

    I think Clickbank could really work very well if you put together a great
    offer, and then send people from the martial arts niche to sign
    up as an affiliate. They also provide a one-time service where you
    can contact CB affiliates to invite them to join your affiliate program.

    Good luck with your search.


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    Why don't you hire cheap Virtual Assistants who work on quota?

    Reach out to bloggers, social media personalities, video producers, etc

    For as little as $30, you can get lots of outreach done

    Where do you get VAs? Send out custom messages to get custom orders at Fiverr or try Cognoplus with their quota guarantee system. Whatever you do, don't PAY FOR ADS!!!!

    It's a numbers game. You need to reach out TONS of times, to get AFFILIATES.

    Out of 100 affiliates, only 10 may drive SALES

    of the 10, only 1 May drive SUBSTANTIAL SALES

    Rinse and repeat
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  • I think you must be doing something wrong because Blogging and facebook are my favourite ways to get traffic

    Blogging takes a while to build traffic but if you consistantly post most days you will eventually start getting good targeted traffic

    To get good targeted traffic on facebook you need to be interacting with people. This is because fb has programed their algorithm to use Signals That Heavily Favor Active Interactions such as comments and likes, so when you post on your facebook timeline, it doesnt matter whether you have 5 or 5000 friends, if no one has liked or commented on that post very few people will see it.

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    As others have mentioned there's plenty of inexpensive affiliate networks you can use to host your offer(s) as a vendor...

    However, a couple things to consider is your sales funnel and the tools you supply to your affiliates can be all the difference in finding "decent promotors & affiliates" and that of run of the mill spamming f'tards!

    Honestly, if you put together a decent email (autoresponder) sequence, some decent jv/affiliate tools and have a good funnel set up...

    There's no reason blogging, paid ads, and using affiliates could be a bad thing.

    Meanwhile, you may want to reach out to those in relative niche markets (i.e. website owners, bloggers, YouTuber's, etc) who have significant audiences, email lists, and traffic.

    By offering them say 30% - 50% commissions, a quick tutorial on where to get their affiliate link...and asking them to place an ad, banner, article, or text links on their YT channel... You could get out-in-front of existing traffic... and if those in your niche 'respect' your offer, they'll likely accept a deal to get paid a commission for every sale they generate!

    Naturally, as mentioned above... be professional when you approach those with authority blogs, websites, and express the "mutual benefits" both they and you share an interest in... which as it happens; is their existing traffic, subscribers,
    and/or readers!

    If your product sucks or your funnel is not tight... you may want to scan the copywriter threads and get some feedback or hire a copy expert to fine tune your sales letter/VSL and/or write you some fb ads!

    If you made no sales after driving traffic...odds are; it's not your ads failing to convert, it's probably your copy or your funnel!

    Coming Soon... *Laser Targeted Lead Generation Services
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    i have over 2k facebook friends. it is a great way to find affliates from there. they are all in the internet marketing niche. i only use fb for business and not waste my time with all the other b.s. out there. taking photos of my dinner and posting it on fb does not make money...lol
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