ad-maven and clickbank... I need opinions

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I am in a journey for new traffic sources to promote clickbank offers

my question is...

Do you know ad-maven?
what is your opinion about promoting clickbank offers with ad-maven

I recently discover that outbrain is bringing traffic from ad-maven. Is this good?
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    You have to optimise on any platform be careful of unlimited budget settings lose a lot of money like that.
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    I will say you not to use ad-maven is basically partnered with Google so it drives the audience from Google.
    I would say that use Bing Ads. You might wonder whats this.
    It basically a search engine like Google but from Microsoft. And it is popular. A report of 2017 shows that almost 15% of Americans use Bing.
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    Use SnapChat, A hidden new traffic source to sell ClickBank Products, You will be amazed to see results.
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    Most marketers don't get this...

    It doesn't really matter WHAT you are promoting.... there are great vendors to promote all over the place.

    The issue is not whether PROGRAM A is better than PROGRAM B

    The BIGGEST ISSUE is do you know how to CONVERT traffic to cold hard cash


    Use materials that does the following
    - Get their attention
    - Filter them
    - Get them to sign on the dotted line

    Sadly, DUMPING TRAFFIC on a link doesn't work (well, it can work if you want to spend $10 to make $1)

    You have to use a 2 layer strategy

    Optimize that and you'll start getting real results!
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    I used Ad-Maven not with clickbanks offers, but more then one MAxbounty offers, i got decent results. They have a lot of Push traffic from a lot of GEO's and so far out of the big networks i got the best with them. But propeller is also worth a try, and Megapush buy from everybody so you can start there and then see what traffic source works best for you
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