Jarvee and digital info products?

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Hi, first-time poster here!

This may be a somewhat silly question but here goes haha.

So I have a health and weight loss coaching business for women that I just launched. I have a personal brand that I've been building for a while. My IG has about 2.5k followers.

I've linked a freebie on my IG and I have a digital product ($67) which is the paid upsell to the freebie and has CL sales page selling it.

I wanted to know if it would work to use JARVEE to get sales for my product? It that a good idea or is there a better way?
My goal is to sell 1 a day and I was wondering if that is realistic for a beginner?

I'm new to making money online and would appreciate any advice for a newbie marketing a digital product on IG.

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