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by croe
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What are the best niche affiliate products to promote?
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    Hi Croe,

    this is a good question.

    I have always found Commission Junction to be my favorite provider of affiliate products to promote.

    The reason is that they have so many companies under their umbrella: from those offering software to companies selling physical products such as gardening equipment and household items.

    Whatever you promote with them you will be paid monthly for any sales or commissions that you earn.

    I have always found them great to deal with and the cheques come in regularly.

    The other option is Amazon, but the commissions are quite low - however the upside is that everyone knows Amazon and it is well trusted, plus you will be paid monthly - although it takes a while to get paid - three months after each sale.

    Hope this helps.

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    Originally Posted by croe View Post

    What are the best niche affiliate products to promote?
    "Ugly Christmas sweaters for teacup pigs with wool allergies."

    The BEST, by far.

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  • Originally Posted by croe View Post

    What are the best niche affiliate products to promote?

    How long is a piece of string?

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    You can join peerfly, maxbounty , clickbank... All are reputed affiliate networks and pay in time. Promote products that pay you $50 or more.. It will help you sustain your advertising. If you are new, you need to join forum or get a coach; so that you can minimize your ad mistakes and improve your profits.
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    You can try also pay per lead programs from cpa networks as these dont require for the client to take out their credit card to buy they just need to complete some actions to get paid .Think about it
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    Originally Posted by croe View Post

    What are the best niche affiliate products to promote?
    This is a very broad question.

    What traffic source are we talking here?
    I personally like cpa offers from networks like max bounty and peerfly. As for which specific niche, I promote several with different traffic sources.
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    The best affiliate product to promote, in my opinion is:

    -A product that has a monthly subscription. This way you can stack up commissions in time.

    -High ticket products. Something that pays out >$500-$1000 commission per sale. This way you can make more with less effort, instead of going for $13-$47 products

    -Something that you use and like yourself. Cause selling just becomes way easier. You don't have to sell anything, you just have to show how it works, that you like and recommend it.

    So in the case of online marketing i'd recommend something like clickfunnels, that is monthly recurring but also has some backend "high-ticket" offers. Or builderall, which is what i use, that is monthly recurring but also 2 tier <3 (obviously there are other programs and systems legenday marketer, funnexroi...etc)

    I'm uncertain of what products are available for other niches, but i'd say, that's what you would be looking for.
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    The best are simply those you get clear on, knowing said products benefit your readers in a genuine way. All about your clarity C.
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    You can pursue your question with increased clarity by doing a search for 'profitable niches' or 'best niches of 2019", etc.

    You can also decide what your motivation is for becoming an affiliate marketer. Working with something you really enjoy? Making a lot of money? Both?

    If profitability is your main goal you'll find that the returns of many traditional affiliate opportunities have not kept pace with rising advertising costs. You may want to look into selling tools and courses for the benefit of other affiliates where the returns are considerably greater than selling personalized t-shirts or scented candles.

    You'll often see the dictum that 95% of affiliate marketers fail. You can do the job with free marketing strategies but it takes a long, long time to become successful. Many give up and the rest of that percentage only make pennies on the dollar.

    We appreciate your enthusiasm, but go into this a clear understanding of what you're getting into.
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    I like to promote quality products that people need. My favorites have recurring monthly commissions like hosting, email autoresponders and other SaaS with a monthly fee.

    If someone needs a SaaS product to do business and the product is good, customers are going to stay with it for a long time and you continue to get paid each month.
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    I agree that promoting evergreen products with regular commissions is a good idea. On one of my lists I promote autoresponder and hosting services that I use myself so that I can genuinely recommend them - Aweber, Go Daddy etc. I have automated emails set up to promote those.

    I also use Broadcast emails - in real time - to promote new launches with deep sales funnels, ideally with both recurring income and high-ticket commissions.
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    In My Opinion

    go for products that you tested yourself and you are happy with..
    a monthly subscription is a great option too...
    but you need to be knowledgeable about the product and the prospects needs

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    If you're willing to put in the work and apply yourself, then you're smart enough to create a profitable business online.

    You want something that shows you how to do it, and provides you with everything you need including the products to promote, the landing pages, the email sequences, and a recurring monthly income!

    Once you get started, you will build confidence in yourself to create a consistent, predictable and reliable business.
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    The best place to find affiliate programs is click bank, a very renowned market place where you can find all types of Niches.You get 50 to 60% commission.

    If you want to select a particular opportunity then go for the company which is more than 5 years in market & never missed a payment.It should have low ticket to high ticket products (500$-1000$)
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