Is Kindle Still A Good Way To Profit From Ebooks?

by Ged3
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Hi Warriors,

Kindle used to be a great way to make money from creating your own ebooks and selling them.

I wonder if you are still finding it pays?

Or are Kindle books good for creating a subscriber list now but not so much from profiting from?

Thank you.

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    You can still do both

    Many publishers still upload tons of 99 cent books or even PERMAFREE (through price match) so they can get eyeballs for their page 1 links

    Publishers still find underserved categories or low competition sub-categories with decent demand and produce books for them

    Maybe your actual question is "IS THERE STILL LOW HANGING FRUIT ON KINDLE"?

    The answer is NO. You have to do actual research to find the right CATEGORIES / TARGET KEYWORDS

    But other than that, many of the old techniques still work.

    Pre-launch strategy? Still works

    Permafree? Still works

    Compounding lists? Still works

    Swapping prefaces with other authors? Still works
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    Hi Ged,

    Kindle never paid a cent

    Skilled authors who write helpful Kindle their readers love, and who create helpful free content through blogs, and who build strong friend networks, these folks make money through Kindle. Always worth it for the dedicated author who creates and connects but know this; the platform of Amazon itself and Kindles are only as effective as the energy and effort you put into each.
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    Kindle eBooks make really good lead magnets
    and introductions to higher priced products or services.

    You just can't flat out throw in your sales pitch everywhere
    or not add value in the eBook itself.

    But I've had many, many clients of mine in all kinds of
    product/service businesses do what I instructed:

    ** Create a 25 to 50 page eBook that delivers amazing
    insight, value, and knowledge.

    Overdeliver the SH*T outta that puppy and make it worth
    the reader's time.

    Then, at the very end, you give them a way to get a "better"
    version of the solution they're looking for.

    And by "better", a lot of times I mean "done for you."

    Here's what I mean.

    Most people buy an eBook to solve a problem.

    So in your eBook, give them insight and knowledge
    that helps them get closer to what they want.

    And then, towards the end, ask them if they want
    MORE help with their situation or even have it
    done FOR them.

    That's when you use your ebook as a lead in
    to another product.

    So, you can tie any ebook into just about any
    product or service and soft sell it towards the
    end of it.

    When you think of how much you'd typically
    spend getting a lead for your business... it would
    cost anywhere from $1.00 and up for paid advertising.

    This method is one where you can actually make a
    dollar or two, on the front end, just to bring in leads
    for your business.

    You sell a $3.99 ebook and you can even spend
    money on paid ads to sell it... knowing that it could
    be a qualified lead who hires you or buys your higher
    priced item.

    I've had clients write books just to get clients for their
    service business.

    One client was a chiropractor who wrote a Kindle ebook
    on back pain and used it as a lead gen for his practice.

    I had a real estate agent client write a book on buying
    and selling investment properties.. tying his own service
    in at the end.

    Ebooks, when used right, can be a huge money maker.

    But, not in the traditional way of thinking. Sure, there are
    authors who make a killing on just the eBook sales, but they
    are few.

    Many people I know, including people I've worked with,
    use the eBook sale just to get higher quality leads to their
    service business.

    Cause let's face it, those who buy books will often buy
    other products and services relating to it, so it's a great
    way to attract qualified and motivated leads for your higher
    priced stuff.
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    Excellent advice, Shawn!

    I especially love your chiropractor example!

    Time to expand my own lead magnets into Kindle
    books and using them to grow my business!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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