Recruiting Affiliates: Any good resources?

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Anyone got a good list of resources/links to recruiting affiliates?

Been running our own PPC traffic on FB but want to diversify our sources and just put our offer up on ClickBank.

For as good ROI we get on our own, we don't know much about affiliate recruitment and would love some suggestions on how to get off the ground.

We've spoken with some super affiliates in our niche who say they love our offer and would be happy to promote on CB, if we can get our gravity score up.

No clue why gravity score matters that much as its FAR from indicative of how well a product converts.
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    Since you're already talking to top affiliates on CB, why not just give them a special INCENTIVE PAYOUT to promote your product

    The alternative?

    Fix your sales page and sales process (and maybe even your product) so your page CONVERTS BETTER and leads to a higher GRAVITY SCORE
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    We've spoken with some super affiliates in our niche who say they love our offer and would be happy to promote on CB, if we can get our gravity score up.
    That's ridiculous.

    They like your offer but are going to wait until other affiliates are promoting it before they do?

    Maybe a super-stupid affiliate.

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    You could do any of the following to get more affiliates.

    1. Place ads for affiliates
    2. Reach out to happy customers, they might become your best source
    3. Reach out to bloggers and webmasters in your niche
    4. Create a few YouTube videos
    5. Write a few articles with titles such as "Looking for Affiliates in Health Niche"

    That's just a few things that came to mind. Good luck!
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    Writing articles for online/offline magazines and newspapers which target your niche market is perhaps still the most cost-effective method. I get signups for my own affiliate and MLM programs from syndicated articles written as long as two years ago.
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    I have a list of Internet marketers. Basically, if you want to do business with them, you have to do the following:

    1. Purchase their products.
    2. Involve yourself in their social media - like and comment on their posts
    3. Help others in their forums and their social media
    4. Become an affiliate and help promote them.

    Then once you have their attention... send them a package... best results are physical packages... Give them your product or provide them your service for free... do something for them that they need... Show them that you are good at what you do... Offer them something that will get a response... Something that compliments their products and services and that can make them money... Show data and evidence... Tell them about yourself and why you like them... etc.

    Russell Brunson got many affiliates by tempting them with a free Ferrari. He did this by having Ferrari keyrings made up and shipped out to potential affiliates saying that the Ferrari could be theirs if they sold enough of his product during launch. Also, he made personal video greeting cards made up and sent to them. You have to do something different. You have to be unique in order to garner the response you want... As in, kiss the affiliates asses


    James Harkin
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    I believe that the best affiliates are the customers who have gone through the product and used it themselves.

    Why not give them the information to let them know that they can promote the product and earn in the process?

    That is the route I'd go down.

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    Fb groups is great place to connect with affiliates.

    Also try and work on your sales page. Most marketers will partner with you if your offer/sales page is good.

    Also , follow up people to remind them about the jv.
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    I get signups with safelists, you can get a new affiliate for every five thousand clicks or more. Some will stick and promote your programs. Your splash page is very important as people judge the book by the cover. The learning curve is almost zero and you can get set-up in an instant. I mean hook your offer to the potential eyeballs.

    George Troy Marketing on Youtube

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