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What kind of Market research activity I have to do before starting with online campaigns.
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    At the very least you should check with Google Keyword Planner tool to find keywords related to your intended niche

    You'll see monthly search volume.

    This is a key indicator of DEMAND

    Key to IM Success: it's easier to build a successful business on EXISTING DEMAND if you don't have a track record of CREATING NEW DEMAND (ala Steve Jobs)

    You have to balance this with SATURATION - this is where doing keyword searches to check # of competing sites comes in
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  • Conducting keyword research will tell you what consumers are searching for all over the world. Find the most relevant keyword which has the highest search volume with the lowest competition.
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  • Market research is an essential task before setting any campaign. Please follow points.

    Competitors Behaviour
    Keyword Research
    Marketing Strategy
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    Get to know what problems a demographic is facing and offer them a solution.
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    The first step to selling your product or services is to know exactly who your perfect customer is.

    Most marketers don't do this!

    You must know:

    <><> their desires
    <><> their goals
    <><> what topics they're interested in
    <><> what their problem is
    <><> how you can help them

    Until you figure this out, all of the traffic in the world won't help you.

    You will simply be just another annoying marketer trying to sell them something.
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    Treat your online marketing just like your offline marketing activities.

    While there certainly are differences, no marketing efforts are effective without understanding our customer. You cannot target what you do not know.

    If you have an offline business, you should already know the demographics of your customers. If you are looking to use online marketing to expand your reach, then consider the same demographics in an expanded market since you can now reach beyond the physical location.

    If you are new to online marketing and you do not have an offline business, then consider the product(s) you are selling or promoting to determine your demographics. You may have to do some trial and error research, but it's always best to reach out to vendors (if affiliate products) to learn what you can about the demo.

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