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by amunt
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I want to try getting some quality backlinks by guest posting articles on other sites/blogs. Most of them state that they will only accept unique content, it can't be posted anywhere else, not even your own site. Does that mean you write a completely original post for each post? Or you tweak to make different.

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    You write a completely original post for each site. Probably not what you wanted to hear but who is going to want to put up some spun content from the same author that appears elsewhere on the web? It certainly can't be good for their website's SEO.
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    Its great when you can share a post.. but more often than not you will want to write a post specifically for a guest post placement. I know in my case the demographic of who I specifically write to vs who I would be writing to in a guest post on another site need some type of adjustment.

    As long as the content you are writing to be posted else where is in CONTEXT to the content you are driving them to IE the backlink, you will be fine. I personally think less about the backlink itself as I do the opportunity to put eyes on my style of content I probably would not normally be in front of.
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    Yes, it has to be completely original

    The higher the quality of the site you want to guest post on, the more selective they will be
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    There is really no way around it, the post needs to be not just original, but the highest quality possible. Remember, whether or not readers on your guest post site will click through to your site depends how engaging, quality, informative, insightful and palatable your post is.

    If you don't have time to write unique articles with all the above qualities, you should probably think of outsourcing to a content writing service.

    I hope that helps

    K. Edward
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    Yes, you have to make unique content according to there requirements.
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    yes you should create original content for guest and article post, for more you can refer neil patel's blog or their YouTube channel
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    Yes, it sucks. Invest in 10 articles that are you going to use for guest posts, and you won't regret it!
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    Absolutely, it's the only way it should ever be done. Opening up opportunities for other to post on your blog is usually so you get unique takes from other experienced individuals within your industry. You have to get something of value in return for extending this offer. Unique content that rocks the socks off readers is what you get, as it defeats the purpose any other way.

    Now if you're having problems determining the value of submitting a unique piece to another blog, then you may want to think about it again. You have a chance to grow your readership and reach a whole new audience with each guest post you provide. Get it posted on a quality blog with a good reach and it could help you take your blogging journey to the next level. Small price to pay for something that could yield great success if you ask me.
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    Posting fresh and unique content can not only be called as a requirement or demand by the sites on which you intend to post. Posting the same content by same author is not good for readers too. Readers may lose faith on author & sites on which duplicate content is posted. In fact posting the same content will definitely affect the SEO of the sites and they might get penalized by search engines too.
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    Always remember from Guest posting you also get traffic to your website so write attractive an unique content over there too.
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    Yes, you will need to write an original post for each site and your site also. How would you like seeing identical contents from multiple sites regarding one topic on the search results. Doesn't sound too good I guess. I do know it's tedious and time consuming, but to achieve best results, you need to write unique contents!
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    Write a genuine article. Build bonds with top bloggers, to score quality links thru top blogs.
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    This is basically just echoing what everyone else has said, but yeah, it has to be a completely original article. You might be able to get by with some major tweaks, but IMO it'd be easier to write a new piece than to edit an existing piece this heavily.
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    You have to write unique and original content for the each blog where you want to submit a guest post. This is a genuine and authetic way to do guest post.
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    Keep in mind that, original or not, the article isn't getting you a high quality backlink - unless the site owner links from one of their main pages (assuming they have such and with backlinks of their own) or you create links to your article on their site.

    Why not post articles on sites your buyers visit that are so good that those other site visitors decide to visit your site?
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    If you want other bloggers to accept your guest posts, you have to put yourself in their shoes.

    1. They want high quality unique content for their audience
    2. They care about their following, their tribe

    Don't spin articles. Come up with unique, high quality 1,500 to 2,000+ word articles. Over deliver. Position yourself as an expert. Write content so good when people read it they say "Damn!"

    Do that and you will never run out of opportunities to guest post. If you're just spinning articles or rewriting articles, you are wasting your time (and theirs).
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    I get articles syndicated all the time, even by sites demanding "original" content. Bottom line is that editors and publishers want high quality articles.

    If you query prospective sites with audiences relevant to your articles, they really are generally open to quality content even if it has been published elsewhere.

    Ideally, get articles first published in prestigious online/offline publications. It is seldom worth my time to write "original" articles for each site.
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    With all of that said above, I can only add this.

    The better your original writing is, the better your chances of it being accepted.

    Good writers create content that speaks to others. A unique article in a chosen niche that is written well will have no problem getting accepted.
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    Originally Posted by amunt View Post

    I want to try getting some quality backlinks by guest posting articles on other sites/blogs. Most of them state that they will only accept unique content, it can't be posted anywhere else, not even your own site. Does that mean you write a completely original post for each post? Or you tweak to make different.

    Yes, it means you need to write a total unique post. Don't just rewrite one that's already on your site or other sites.
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    As others are saying, you'll get better results by going for quality (unique, high quality posts) rather than quantity (with the same post in multiple places, which can be done but is not as effective).

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