Why Metallica Can Help You Succeed Online

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I'm a HUGE Metallica fan.

I have been for 30 years.

So when their latest album came out, something immediately caught
my attention.

They released ALL of their songs as videos, the same day.

Now, this is the SAME band that fought against Napster, for sharing their

It's the same band that refused to do videos for MTV, until the song One
came out.

So what does this have to do with you and online marketing?


We are getting close to the day where you're going to need continuous
content just to get noticed and stand out.

You're going to need new, continuous and ever-changing content
just to stand out and get noticed.

Then, you use that great free content to get people to a place
where you can monetize.

Metallica doesn't make a ton of money from album sales anymore, because
of how music is digitally delivered.

So instead of selling their music and making money... they're
doing videos, giving the videos away for free on social media...

And the last 2 years, they were one of the highest selling concert
acts to hit the road.

In 2018 alone, they pulled in $46 million dollars in concert revenue.

So, their method of GIVING away great content (videos & music)
and then monetizing it another way (concerts) is the trend I'm seeing.

I think it's going to happen online, fast.

Gary Vee said that FREE content will be the only way
you're going to stand out and get noticed in the next few
years... and that information will be free, everywhere, and
a commodity.

Those who make money from it will find a way to get
attention, stand out with their info, and then get people
to a place where they can monetize it.

So, maybe you use Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube
to deliver great content.

Then, you get people to either opt in to your email list
or you get them to a Facebook group.

When you have them in a group, it means you have
their attention.

And where you can get peoples' attention, you have
a way to monetize it.

Look, information is everywhere.

Your phone has all the information you could possibly
sell, it's just not set up efficiently or in a way that
offers value.

So the way to succeed coming in the years ahead
will be to use great content that attracts YOUR crowd...

Then get them to a place where you can keep their
attention, offer them continuous value, and then make
money from THAT.

It's what Metallica did with releasing all of their videos
right away, up front.

They got attention from the people they wanted to and
then got them to buy concert tickets.

I wrote an article about 5 years ago, on how the UFC
does the same thing.

They give away free fights on TV and then sell a Pay
Per View each month, making the majority of their
money with that and live attendance.

But the free fights and content is how they get noticed,
stand out, and get attention.

Once they have attention, they find a way to monetize it.

I honestly feel we're heading that direction now... to the
point where you'll have to work hard to stand out and
get attention with great content...

Then you'll need a way to monetize it and make money.

Just my opinion, after seeing more and more content
being given away and then monetized later down the road.
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    Repurposed content is huge

    It all boils down to EFFICIENCY

    With one article, you can create

    - Instagram photos
    - Pinterest diagrams
    - Slideshare slideshows
    - Twitter tweeted questsions
    - Youtube slideshow videos

    Each of these platforms can send a stream of traffic that add up to a RIVER of:
    - direct traffic opportunities
    - branding opportunities
    - business development opportunities
    - forum stripped down content
    - quora Q +A materials

    The most crucial example of this is SEO - did you know that 1 piece of content can pull links from different categories of sites in the same niche?

    Think EFFICIENCY for 2018 and beyond... or prepare to get eaten alive

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