How does everyone feel about traffic exchanges?...

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Hello Fellow Warriors,

I am seriously considering buying Robert Puddy's
LFMTE script but unsure if people use them anymore?

I understand it won't be a money-maker but will
help people get some traffic to their sites.

Thoughts? Opinions?

Thanks in advance!
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    We don't do traffic exchanges and also stays away from them.
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    Depending on your level of experience, I think Traffic Exchanges can be an excellent way of seeing what some of your competition is doing. What catches your eye? What looks tempting? Would you buy/try this program given the chance?

    Many marketers are still using them. They may be from a bygone age but, apparently, they find some value.

    Beyond that there's not much to recommend traffic exchanges, particularly the paid versions. This doesn't mean you shouldn't see for yourself, if only briefly. Traffic exchanges are often an introductory lesson in internet marketing (it was for me), and you might learn a few things along the way.
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    I stay away from them, most of the time I find the quality garbage.
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    Getting traffic to your site isn't your goal.

    It's getting traffic that is a good fit for what
    you're offering and is also interested in what you've

    I will take 100 visitors who went to Google and
    typed in a search for what I sell... compared to 10,000
    visitors from a Traffic Exchange who doesn't want or
    need your offer.

    Traffic itself is worthless.

    You want traffic that's interested in what you've
    got, or they're in pain (emotional or physical) and
    they're looking for a solution to get out of pain.

    That's why Google and other search traffic
    is so much more powerful... you've got people
    LOOKING for a solution.

    With Traffic Exchanges, it's usually just non-targeted
    traffic that has no interest in what you've got, because
    they aren't LOOKING for it.

    You want to go searching for areas where your prospects
    are congregating, you don't want just non-targeted peeps.
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    Hi Jamie,

    The traffic is trash because the human beings behind the traffic numbers do not really want to be there. Not hungry, not ready to be a brand advocate or loyal customer, or client. Stick with creating helpful content and building meaningful bonds to drive quality, engaged, biz-building humans to your blog.
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    This is the type of source which garners the same useless traffic which solo ad vendors will send to your site, which rarely (if ever) converts.

    Do yourself and your business justice and go about obtaining valuable leads by networking with people in your area(s) of business.
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    It's very easy to run a hit bot that fakes IP addresses

    You think you're getting all this great traffic when it actually all comes from one server with proxy IPs

    There is no substitute for qualified traffic

    The only way to do that is to use a PAID AD FUNNEL or use CONTENT MARKETINg

    If you're on a tight budget, I suggest you do the latter

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    The only TE that I've ever got anything out of is Traffic Swarm, and even then that was many years ago when it was actually beneficial. I don't know if its bots, scripts or what, but at this point i'm not even sure it is even worth the $30 monthly fee to use it, EVEN if you had someone surfing for you for free...
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    How to do that? I am looking for link exchange for one of my website. Is this possible?
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    as a traffic provider (no promotion) we dont recommend traffic exchange because in most cases you will either get scammed or you will get just simply exchange traffic which means low quality traffic...
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      Yeah, that's why I am little bit confused about traffic exchange. And would like to get some more details in it. Thanks!
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    Waste of time and money paid for non-targeted individuals who may not even be real people. You'd be far better off targeting with ads through Facebook.
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      Originally Posted by dave_hermansen View Post

      You'd be far better off targeting with ads through Facebook.
      The question is: Should they buy the script and start their own.

      The ONLY people who make money from TEs are the owners. If you decide to start one, the only way to get any traction is to JV with other TE owners. The successful TEs all promote each other. Hype your launch on other TEs for a month before you launch. It's tough to get someone to buy into "tons of available traffic" with an empty TE.

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      You mean Paid advertising on FB?
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    They were shite 10 years ago and they are shite now
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    I would say don't bother wasting your time and money.

    The traffic you get will be junk traffic and not targeted at all.


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    Traffic exchanges are a dying breed - use safelists instead; the conversions are low but when you mail systematically and en masse, the referrals will come.

    George Troy Marketing on Youtube

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      Originally Posted by George Flm View Post

      use safelists instead; the conversions are low but when you mail systematically and en masse, the referrals will come.
      This is what I am thinking. I have enjoyed Viral Mailers for a long time and the industry could use a good increase in these advertising platforms.

      It seems for every new one that launches on my list, 2-3 die out.
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    Does this still work? I have not been seeing much of this lately

    I will create amazing Android Apps for you. PM Me

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    I think to make a go of it you should consider custom programming, as opposed to the LFMTE script. The LFMVM (viral mailers) script is a popular one within the safelist world, and screams of low quality/low commitment admins.

    When I see a high quality custom programming site, my eyes tend to look closer.
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    You will only get you increased traffic but not the relevant one & that's the catch.
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    It is from a bygone era and every time I hear someone mention traffic exchange I am, truthfully, stunned and lost for words. Don't waste your time with this method. It doesn't work.

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    I am not familiar with Robert Puddy's LFMTE program, but I once ran a traffic exchange using another program that has text ads.

    I am currently starting my exchange back up, not for the surfing and "clicks" but more for the banner exchange, and mainly the text exchange for text ads.

    Those that do surfing and clicks, produce crap traffic IMHO. Those who are selective (VERY SELECTIVE, manually approved by admin) about the banners and ads, can actually see good traffic once the site is built up.
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    "Branding" is one benefit that comes to mind. That is, if there are in fact real people actually viewing and clicking + hopefully buying.

    If computer bots are clicking ads, and people hired to surf are only clicking ads, then not only are you not making money, your branding efforts are nil.

    My guess is that traffic exchanges have all of these elements going on in various ratios.
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