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My blog had 88,000 page views last month. I got into blogging because I became disabled and wanted to be able to do something from home. First question is with this many views should I be making some money by now? Second question is my biggest problem is lack of computer technical skills. I was denied by google adsense because they disagreed with some of my content. But they did not specify which content. I got a viglink account but never have been able to get the ads to show on my site. Does anybody know of cheap technical help I can get? My site is wordpress I am just way over my head on technical part of blogging. Doing ok with content.
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    You should be able to find someone who can do that for you on Upwork or Mechanical Turk
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    What part of WP do you need help with?

    Be specific and you may get the information you need right here.

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    I think your thread is asking about how you can make money with your blog, and at the same time you're talking about computer technical skills, so this kept me confused on what specifically you needed help. I'll appreciate it if you'll be more specific.
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    Hi Tom!

    I think I can shed some light on your inquiries...

    FIRST: "Should I be making some money by now?"

    The answer to that question is, only if you want to make money and you created and executed your plan to make money. Income is not going to just happen, you have to make it happen.

    It's like opening a retail store on the corner, and you noted that 88,000 cars drove by last month. You ask if you should be making money by now, and I ask if you stocked your store well with products your audience wants, and have you put a sign out front?

    SECOND: "my biggest problem is lack of computer technical skills"

    The good news is, your problem is only "imagined". Technical skills help, but they are not necessary to make money. You are your own barrier here. Your problem is not technical skills, it lack of an executable plan.

    More good news: You are running WordPress, so affordable technical help is available everywhere. I am assuming you are running (self-hosted) and not (free hosting).

    Don't worry about Adsense for now. There are other much more lucrative ways to monetize your blog.

    My advice is to focus on your content and your traffic. 88k page views are meaningless if it's the wrong demographic. If you have the right traffic, but your content is not providing value and solving a problem, then it's still meaningless.

    So you say you you are "doing ok with content". Are you?

    What does doing ok mean? If you want to make money online in 2018/2019 then you must provide valuable content for your audience. You have to keep it fresh and blog regularly to keep them coming back and to enhance your Google rank.

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    I highly recommend WF's own Vikash. They don't come any better as he is talented, knowledgeable, honest and fairly priced. He will make you a good deal.

    I've had him do jobs for me that others quoted $200 for $20.

    You can contact him at: support[at]wpfixy[dot]com or search the forum by member name.

    I receive nothing for recommending him, other than the immense personal satisfaction of knowing that I am making the world a better place. :-)

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    I don't think it's technical help you need, I think it's a full blog makeover. PM me you're site, i'll take a look and let you know my thoughts.

    I'm a pro blogger and SEO - just ingognito here on WF

    I won't steal your niche, don't worry, I already make enough money. I just appreciate that you're disabled and actually doing something about it. 88k views per month is great, you should def be able to monotize it.

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    I love Wordpress, only issue is that it is an easy target for hackers.
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    If possible, can you share the the broad niche idea of your site (no need of website name or specific niche)

    The problem could be your niche and what kind of content you share. If it's copyrighted content, you won't get AdSense approval or any other high-paying network for that matter.

    So, based on the niche and what kind of content you share, we can suggest some ideas and how you can monetize the blog.
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    Have you checked through the guidelines and policies for adsense?

    Often a rejection can be simply because you haven't got your terms of service and privacy policies in place.

    Have you worked slowly by going over the adsense policies here-->

    You probably only need a few tweaks to get things right.

    There are many other ways to monetize a website other than ads such as selling products via affiliate links etc and these are pretty easy to implement without requiring a lot of technical ability.

    You may be best to get some over the shoulder help so you can see and document the steps required to add monetising content to your blog so you don't have to pay for technical help all the time.

    I'm curious as to how you know about your page views without having installed some analytics or plugin etc which is basically tech work or did someone help you set things up in the beginning?

    Happy to take you through a few steps if you need help.

    best regards,

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