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by Hersh
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No one can argue that one has to niche down in order to succeed online. Perhaps, even niche down a few times.


If everyone is niching down, then everyone is starting to do the same thing. That is, if people are niching down and not selling "socks" and instead are selling "men's sports socks", then that market will become just as saturated. Perhaps not as saturated as 'socks', but if everyone is filtering down to more specific niches, they too will be (some already are) saturated.

Or let's say you have a site that focuses on 'stress management'. As soon as your 'tribe' members learn how to manage their stress, you've lost them. But, if you have several sub niches under the self improvement umbrella on your site, you have a better chance on keeping your tribe.

I'm suggesting a 'contrarian' approach. Just as a contrarian buys at the worst times, I think it's worth the effort to go bigger.

Now I know that it will be harder to get organic traffic etc...but think about this..

1. You won't have as many competing sites because everyone else is niching down.
2. Tribes get bored and they move on.
3. People grow, change, and like 'new stuff'. If you have the same old same old, they might move on. But if you have a variety of 'stuff' or 'advice topics' your tribe can grow with you.
4. Create your own niche. By combining some sub niches, you can carve out your own spot.
5. People like Jeff Goins, Leo Babauta, sites like Upworthy, Buzzfeed, Viralnova, Amazon, and gurus like Tony Robbins aren't confined to one specific niche.

I'm not saying that this is the best way to start a business online. I'm just saying that it's worth the thought.
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    The reason why people are niching down is because the broad approach you're talking about is TOO EXPENSIVE... especially for newbies

    Remember, things are the way they are for a reason.
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    This is a tough one... one aspect focusing or niching down is easier.. on the other, going broader and letting data point you in the direction to focus can ultimately be better.

    As Wrireaway points out focusing is far less expensive... But finding a micro niche based on data is far more lucrative.

    A current examples... For those that don't know February is the pinnicle month for weight loss.. meaning more weight loss product is sold in February than any other month.. and some studies indicate every other month combined. Starting about now.. maybe a month before you start with weight loss for the holidays.. then move to weight loss for new years ( a smart move is to make a second push here on Chinese New Years for those that have failed on "regular New Years ) you then move in to February and the focus starts on developing the summer bod. But you also have weight loss for good health and weight loss after birth and weight loss for teens and weight loss for this that and the other.

    Ultimately if this is a space you have entered, you want to get into each and every one of these, and chances are good use the same product over and over just advertised differently. BUT its the Demo / Psycho graphic that drastically changes with each of these.. hence the expense, let alone the amount of content for each becomes overwhelming.

    Width can and usually does create stability in your income. More than a few things are seasonal at best. In the example above and even with "Socks" a single site can easily carry the many topics. so in site development if you are starting niched down, have in mind having the ability to spread out over time. And also have the long range plan of BRAND within your plan of SCALE.
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  • Stop mind f**king this!

    There is an almost unlimited choice of long-tail / deep niche topics you can choose, so I would not at all be concerned about what others are doing.

    Also note that there is more than one school of thought. Plenty of people find success being broader, while others swear by deep niches.

    Choose your niche based on where you can add value. You will find success there, and it will be easier for you too.

    Don't let Internet Marketing overwhelm you... let's take the journey together! Build Money Machines!
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    Narrow and deep for specific niches, topics and restricted budgets.

    Build a solid base and then look to expand.

    Sniper or shotgun?

    Both hit something but what suits one business model will not work for another.

    Best to build a reputation with one group of customers and once you have built security add to your revenue by diversification.

    It helps when you decide to diversify if you can go to your existing customer base and encourage them to expand their use of your product or service.

    Better than going broad too soon and serving no-one satisfactorily.

    Best regards,

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    There is one health meal that can be called the most convenient and beneficial meal you can have. Does that mean that you should only eat that? You will get bored out of your mind and at some point you will even hate it.

    Sure, start with few simple niches, but then diversify it, grow, provide much more and something special in comparison with others. That will make you feel and be awesome!

    Because the most general advise is to niche it down to the bone you have a chance to provide a unique twist. Those names you mentioned are there because they provided more than what it was usual.
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    I think the reason people tend to do this is it's much cheaper for paid traffic to target on that level opposed to going broader. For free traffic such as SEO, it's less competition.

    But yes... as more and more people do this, then the competition can increase, but there are also many of these micro niches that you could jump into.. take for your socks example.. "mens running socks", "mens jogging socks", "mens soccer socks", "mens football socks", etc, etc..

    I do think this will also vary in each niche..
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    It is called an "Authority Site" Nothing contrarian about that


    Broken promises don't upset me. I just think, why did they believe me?
    ~Jack Handey~

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