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by im1217
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Any suggestions for a user friendly video editing software? I want something for creating vacation videos from pics and videos and music added in. Also, want something for making cool videos for YouTube. I would love a lot of features but not sure if I want something so professional as Adobe Premiere. Thanks!
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    MovieMaker or iMovie is good enough to get started with if you don't have a budget.

    Or take a look at DaVinci Resolve. It's impressive.

    If you're willing to spend, then Sony Vegas served me well for a long time before I switched to ScreenFlow (for screen recordings).

    If you're on a PC and want to screen recordings then Camtasia is your best bet.

    I'm sure Kurt will have suggestions too.
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      Originally Posted by Michael Meaney View Post

      Or take a look at DaVinci Resolve. It's impressive.
      I just downloaded it and I agree.

      I look forward to playing with it.

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    Question has been answered MANY times before. Search feature will help you.
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    Take a look at Corel Video Studio Ultimate. PC Mag editor's choice and comes with a lot of vacation templates and add-ons that you can customize with your own clips.
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    You can even do it using PowerPoint if you have all resources already edited. Or.. Magix software that has an options for beginner at reasonable price.

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    Or, as Jason so wisely suggested, you can search the forum for the hundreds of previous responses to this same exact question. Do us all a favor, would you???

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    I use Movavi Video Editor (check the link I have been using it for a couple of months already and pretty satisfied with it.
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    Question has been answered MANY times before.

    Then again, most of us would never have heard of DaVinci Resolve. Looks interesting, though I must say it's the first program of this kind that I've run into that doesn't show sample videos as part of its introductory invitation.
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    I've been using Shotcut and VSDC Free Video Editor. I think they have less of a learning curve than Devinci Resolve. If you have an iPad Lumafusion is great, though it is not free. It cost around $20.

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    The Vegas creative video editing software is very user friendly and also offers now advanced sites when/if needed
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    Magix Movie Edit Pro is an absolute bargain and will do all you need. Also check out Wondershare Filmora, again excellent value.

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  • Lumen5, very easy to operate even for beginners.
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      Originally Posted by affilorama-portal View Post

      Lumen5, very easy to operate even for beginners.
      Agree 100%. Very good video software and it is cloudbase as well

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    For a long time I used to use Windows Movie Maker. Then I needed to put a video on another video and I couldn't do it on WMM. So I purchased Camtasia Studio 8. It's quite expensive but it is very good software. I am pretty sure it will do what you ask.
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    +1 for Camtasia
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    Final Cut pro is if u have a mac. Adobe premium pro is also good.
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    Movavi video editor is also good software for video editing
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    Camtasia for me.
    Has many great options in one place and not a steep learning curve which make it a great solution for different experience levels.
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    Light works is one of the best video edithing software out there. Good for Youtube.

    It support Windws, Mac, & Linux.

    Cons: 4K video are only in paid version.
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    I have in the past used Camtasia for how to videos, and I regularly use Vegas Movie Studio for my professional DVDs.

    I've used both of these programs for years now, and have found that they have a ton of great features, with very easy learning curves.
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    Hi there,
    I am not sure that you are looking for desktop software or online software. I have been using for an online video editor. It is a paid tool to edit or create the video with amazing effects. Hope that you would like to try it.
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    Try FILMORA. I really love it!
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    Final Cut Pro X can also be used for video editing purpose. It's one of the most used video editing software if you are using the mac.
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    For Video Editing I'm using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effect. Both are really great software for video editing.
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