List of "Do Follow Blogs" to comment on and get some link juice!

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Hey Warriors,

I've been building a list of links to "do follow blog"
directories. I recently spent a few hours researching
and going to countless websites to find the best of
the best do follow blog directories.

See: Do Follow Blogs: Hype Or Really Worth It? | WhackedOut Marketing

On the post, I also explain what do follow is and
how to make your blog do follow if you're not
familiar with it.

Anyway, here's a list of a few of the directories...
and if you do have a do follow blog, you may want
to add yours to the lists on these sites as well:

1. Phoenix SEO Search Engine Optimization Website Marketing Consulting Do Follow List Of Lists
If you have a do follow blog, you really should consider
adding your blog to this ever-growing list of do follow blogs.

On the Do Follow Blogs website, you can add your blog to
their directory. Note: you will need to link back to their
blog in order for your submission to be validated.

3. Do Follow Blogs
You will need to have a Squidoo account in order to post
your do follow blog on this list. As of this writing, there
are very few do follow blogs listed here.

4. Find Do-Follow Blogs at the Rise Above Directory
The Rise Above Directory is a do follow blog directory.
As of this writing there aren’t too many blogs listed.

5. Do Follow Bloggers | Tricia's Musings
Make sure you read all of the rules before submitting
your blog. Note: Tricia uses the Lucia’s Linky Love
WordPress plugin.

6. Do Follow Directory - Sites that don't add no follow to their link backs ...
To list your dofollow blog on this site, it’s going to cost
you anywhere from $10 to $2, depending on the
placement you want. Honestly, there are better options
out there that are free.

7. Do Follow List | Nickoo Shore
List of more than 350 do follow blogs. I don’t believe that
there is any way to sort the do follow blogs or view

Hope this helps guys

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