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I have a website with a new range of fashion accessories, stay with me..., they are actually very unusual being made from a new wonder material. The thing is this, everyone who sees them likes them and I know they will sell but just having a website sitting there aint going to sell nothing!
My question is this: what is the best way to get traffic? Is it advertising, building links, writing blogs, social media or something else or all of the above?
I have ten full days over Xmas to work on this and I would really like advice as to where I should concentrate my efforts.
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    OP, given the specific nature of your product and your most likely target demographics, you should check out INSTAGRAM MARKETING

    Create an account on IG and build a brand there

    Gain traction by buying shoutouts

    Once you start getting some buzz and have a clear idea of what your target hashtags should be, do PAID IG advertising

    You should also use automation tools to keep your audience engaged

    You can also try PINTEREST and influencer marketing
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      Thanks very much for this - much appreciated
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  • Other than Instagram and Pinterest, you can create a blog inside your ecommerce store and use keywords that related to your products in order to get some organic traffic. Of course, FB ads is also another great way to go if you have budget.
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    I like the suggestion made to go with Instagram.

    HOWEVER, given the nature of this wonder material, I think that your fashion accessories will need to be demonstrated for people hear and see what makes these products different.

    For this reason, YouTube videos are ideal. Build a blog or Shopify store to sell your products and drive the traffic via YouTube and Instagram (master one before starting the other).

    Don't let Internet Marketing overwhelm you... let's take the journey together! Build Money Machines!
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      Excellent advice - thank you. You are right it is something that has to be seen and instant response is always so positive.
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    Here is a little secret, successful IMers use all those techniques you mentioned and more otherwise you will be leaving money on the table.

    A little advice, it may get confusing trying to use them all at first but get familiar with a particular traffic method first before moving into another.

    And each methods are specialised and you need to know it well to get the very best out of it.

    My best take are:

    Email marketing
    Solo ads
    Specialised ads placement
    Social media
    Grow your social media account, Spotify Streams, YT Views & IG Followers & More
    Software & Mobile APP Developer
    Buy Spotify, Facebook Bot & IG M/S Method
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    Usually, a combination of multiple tools is a great way to do it. Ofc, you can't master all and you shouldn't. But you can master at least 3 social media platforms and focus on that.

    Focusing on only one is leaving money off table as others said, and you are at risk by growing on only one platform. What if that platforms bans you? You lose everything you have? Not a good option.

    Later, you can do some paid promotion on the platform you are most successful.
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    The best way to gain more trafiic then create a blog on your ecommerece store and use all releated keywords which support your Store if you follow this technique then you find some more organic traffic.
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    Best way to promote a website is to focus on website SEO optimize the website with the relevant information and content. Brand promoting list your website in Google local business. And promote it on the social media platform. And you can also promote the website with guest blogging and other paid way.
    Ace Web Experts - Providing Advisory in Following:
    Local SEO | Digital Marketing | Website Development
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    Share high quality visually attractive images with christmas sale or trending hashtags on pinterest and instagram. Both will deliver desired results to you specially pinterest.
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    The Best way to promote a website, By sharing the site link on the digital platforms, blog etc. Update your content on the regularly basic and also share the URL with DA and PA Authority.
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    Never limit yourself to one advertising method. Or diversify until you pick the winners.

    George Troy Marketing on Youtube

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    My first question is where have people seen these accessories and how do you know that people like your product ?

    I firmly believe that you should be pushing out as much quality content as possible across platforms that your audience is likely to be on.

    So you need to get active ,share your content ,engage with others by giving value .Do you know who your target Demographic audience is ? Once you know your target market you can create tailormade content for them.Selling is a 2 way street the proposition has to benefit the customer and the seller
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    as writeaway mentioned I would do the same thing
    the best source in this case would be IG and Pinterest!
    People love this stuff there!
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    Effective ways to promote a website:
    1.Social media platforms

    Don't hesitate to try different approaches.

    Mix things up!

    Combined with SEO and other content strategies, your website traffic should see a substantial increase over time.
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    Thank you to everyone who has responded for so many great suggestions
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    If you are in the fashion niche, instagram and pinterest are the best media to promote your products. You can also buy ads on there. With Instagram you can buy shoutouts from influencers. That is instragram influencers with a large following. You can google that to find mediums that sell instagram shoutouts.
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    You should go for both free and paid traffic.
    For paid search traffic apart from Google also try bing.
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    I am a blogger, and make a full time living doing so. I am receiving about 1.1 million page views per month and I generate content everyday. Here are the 5 steps you can take to promote your Wordpress blog that has worked for me over the years:

    Facebook: Facebook is the easiest, and fastest way to build a targeted audience, with minimal investment. Build a fan page, and begin posting your content there regularly. There are plugins you can use like Jetpack, that will allow you to Auto-post your content to social media pages like Facebook. Once you become familiar with how to do this, take out Facebook ads to promote your fan page for likes. Also, make sure to boost the posts that perform the best, that way you are sure to maximize traffic coming from Facebook.
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      Thanks Penny, good starting point. Do you have the other steps?
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    Not sure why you posted this here in response to my question. This is just junk - not very helpful.
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    To avoid any misunderstanding my previous message was addressed to some guy who was trying to sell some get rich scheme but I see he has since been banned.
    But thanks again to everyone who was kind enough to advise - much appreciated
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    Do you have a blog section on your website? If not please do it and share your content on a schedule. Do social sharing best of the best. Create high authority backlinks on related niche blogs by blog commenting and Guest Posting. Also, work on Web 2.0. Slow and steady win the race.
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    This is of course the advertising of the website in different social, proper use of SEO
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    Hope you are getting clients

    For me I would get clients by finding instagram influencer and promise them a percentage of my profit if they promote my products.
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    Go for different Business Listing Site Choose proper Location.
    It will Help you to build Website as well as sale
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    I think if you have a budget fb ads its a very good option to go with it

    Admin note: Affiliate links are not allowed in paid user sigs

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    I think you should go for both paid and free marketing. Share your website in different social media platform which is best way to getting best results.
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    For the fashion sector using Instagram influencers is the new way to promote your products. Conversion is pretty good compared to traditional ads.
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    Hi Dear,
    1. Target your blog to rank on Google.
    2. Trying to your Blog On page and Off page optimized.
    3. Sharing your blog on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit etc.)
    4. Paid Advertising.
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    The best way to promote your website in 2019 would be based on 3 steps
    -Perform a keyword research
    -Perform a content audit and list out your future strategy
    -Don't splurge but take social media popularity very seriously and share content on social platforms pro-actively

    Also, if you are in no mood to go to these depths, try hiring the experts in this field.
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    Social Media is best for Traffic
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    Social media presence today is the most effective way to promote your business. There have been a lot of businesses who have been successful by taking advantage of social media sites to promote their products. You don't need to pay or spend a hefty. Create social media accounts and post relevant contents regularly to get more followers and viewers to your website.
    Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and even Youtube to promote your fashion accessories. Post photos of your products and pay a few bucks to boost those posts around your area or city. This will help you get more audience coming to your website and convert them to sales.
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    Its a long term process of all of the above. I like to use paid traffic first to test my conversions. Say throw a hundred bucks at a ppc campaign and see what your numbers and and go from there!
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    I've taken a look at your website, it's very clean and slick. However, one of the first things that struck me was the lack of any method to capture leads. What happens if someone comes to your site but doesn't buy anything? You may have lost that potential customer for good. A simple email opt-in form that offers to keep your visitors updated about new products etc. will help to overcome this issue. There are more advanced methods that I'll come onto later.

    Another thing I noticed was the actual advertising copy itself. I'd recommend more emphasis on the benefits rather than the features. Take for example the Classic American style lunch bag, what are the benefits?

    "Stand out from the crowd with this Classic American style lunch bag...
    ... It's sure to be a talking point in your school or works canteen"

    I did some research on the material (Tyvek) and according to DuPont, it helps resist air and moisture infiltration. Great, they are 2 of the features but what are the benefits?
    No more soggy sandwiches and it helps keep your packed lunch fresher for longer.

    I also discovered it's used across the USA in hospitals to help prevent the spread of infections and by some fire departments when they're dealing with hazardous gas leaks etc. Benefit - no need to be worried about airborne or surface contaminants getting on your beloved children's food (think about the germs in your average public canteen).

    Your luggage bags: lightweight and foldable (features), easy to store when not in use (benefit), easier to carry when you're in a rush (benefit), can carry more without the risk going over your airline's weight limit, could save money (benefit).
    Tear resistant (feature), won't get damaged by baggage handlers and have your undies blowing across the runway (benefit), so strong it's used in the building industry to provide building envelope solutions (proof of strength).

    I could keep going on about the features and benefits of this "wonder material" but I'm sure you get the idea.

    Many other's have already mentioned adding a blog to your website and I couldn't agree more. Some of what I've already talked about would make great content for your blog posts. I understand you may not have time to write regular, detailed posts but there's nothing to stop you adding shorts posts with YouTube videos embedded in them (you can find them quickly at Tyvek Uk's channel). Write a very quick paragraph about how the benefits outlined in the content of the video also apply to your products.

    You could outsource some of your content creation. This doesn't need to be expensive either. I know one marketer who gets her kids to create a lot of her content in exchange for some extra pocket money, then she tweaks it if necessary. Her kids sometimes use what they've produced for homework and coursework assignments etc. If this isn't possible then there are lots of places like Fiverr where you can get stuff created.
    Next, repurpose your content. Blog posts can quickly be adapted into PowerPoint/Open Office presentations and added to, these can then be exported to MP4 format to create a slide show video. You could add these to Youtube, with a link back to your website of course.
    You could also make short videos of the products being used, demonstrating the features and benefits.

    "Spilled suntan oil on your beach bag again?
    Most bags would be permanently stained but with the Bo-Borsa rucksack, it can simply be wiped off with a tissue"

    Social media: ping each of your posts/videos to all your social media platforms. Be aware that Instagram and Pinterest are visual platforms, you need to select the right type of images. See what type of images people with a lot of followers use and create similar styles to theirs. An image optimized for Pinterest won't necessarily work so well on Instagram and vice versa.

    Going back to capturing emails. If you were to make a pdf catalogue, of your products, you could offer this as a lead magnet. People don't always have time to look through all your products at the moment they visit your website, so offer to email them the pdf if they fill in the form (First name and preferred email address are all that's needed).
    Put a link back to your website, social media profiles, youtube channel and blog section in the PDF. Also, remember to let them know they have permission to share the pdf with their friends and family.

    Anyway, just a few ideas and observations. I hope this helped a bit and good luck with the business.
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      This is without question the most helpful and generous response I have ever received to any post or question - you have so many good suggestions - I am really very grateful indeed that you took the time and trouble to write this
      I am in the somewhat difficult position of having to do just about everything on a very limited budget which gets smaller by the day but knowing that I have a great product - actual response to the physical product has always been extremely positive and Tyvek really is an amazing material - right now I am convinced that it is just, (an easy word to write) a question of getting some initial momentum and publicity to get the ball rolling
      All of your suggestion will help with that - you have made me realise that my style of just listing the features is definitely not enough
      I think I have quite a good eye for design etc but not the imagination to write good copy incidentally one of the things I have realised from the start is that it is important to have a story to tell both to get interest from customers and to get the press to write about us- Although I have thought long and hard about this I have yet to come up with such a story
      Just a couple of points which concerned me - you mentioned capturing email addresses of visitors - there is a box on the left of the homepage which pops up as you scroll down the page which invites people to leave their email (I think this probably needs improving) also there is another pop up box below that links to my recently started and rather limited blogs
      Once again, thanks you very much for your help which I really appreciate and if you have any other thought I should be more than grateful
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    You need to buy paid traffic and watch if people will buy; not think that is greatest wonder designed by man on earth. Then once it converts you can do other stuff :seo; articles, video; social media etc. If offer/product isn't enticing
    all the traffic on earth isn't going to help. So, validate if the products indeed sells then go do other stuff suggested by other warriors.
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    Ok, so I went back to your site and saw both the email box and the blog pop-up.
    I missed them the first time around, if I missed them then there's probably a good chance other visitors will too.
    My advice would be to put the blog as a menu item at the top. I would put the email opt-in on the top right, not as a pop-up but static and more prominent.
    Another option you could look into is joining an affiliate network but do your due diligence. There are usually monthly fees involved but it is worth investigating.

    I copied the following from the blog:

    Companies that register in affiliate networks to promote their products enjoy several advantages that can boost their business.

    1. The main advantage is that you can reach thousands of potential new affiliates who will promote your products.

    2. Running on a CPA (cost per action) system means the company only pays when having been paid. In addition, affiliate networks handle payments to the affiliates.

    3. Affiliate networks are an excellent way for small businesses to expand their branding and online business, and make their products known nationally or internationally.

    The only drawback are initial fees that companies have to pay for entry into an affiliate network. But compared to the time and cost it would take to implement a system of internal affiliates, this solution is a great advantage. The customer care services are also provided by affiliate networks, so the investment is justified.
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  • Good afternoon would start as the other partner says with Instagram and then I would go publicity in SEM. The reason is simple Instagram is a network with many possibilities including creativity. It lets you not only sell but attract your followers thanks to search trends (explore). It also brings new features such as product labels that let us sell. Use videos, and sequences with your photos. Example: Half of the product in one photo, half of the other in another with different colors. Hope this can help you. Thank you!!

    I would like them to tell me:

    Why are you passionate about marketing? "
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    Are you looking at paid or free ways to promote your website?
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    You should sell on Ebay and your own site. For promotion you should start off with paid advertising to see if people will buy what you have for sale. If you see that people are buying, then begin to lower your cost of advertising by using free marketing. Test first via paid advertising so that you can see if you're wasting your time or not by promoting the products that you have on your site.
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      Yep, 1000 likes on IG in ten minutes and immediately blocked indefinitely
      I know I tried it and now have reach of 0.5%
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    Originally Posted by boborsabags View Post

    I have a website with a new range of fashion accessories, stay with me..., they are actually very unusual being made from a new wonder material.
    My question is this: what is the best way to get traffic?

    There are many ways you can promote your products, but one good approach might be to use YouTube ads. Your ad could do a demonstration of the advantages your material offers -- and video is a great medium for demos.

    If you know who your target market is, you can target other videos that might interest them. (For example, if your product is popular with people going on trips, you could target "travel tips" videos. People watching those videos are about to go on vacation.)

    Of course, you have to pay for those ads. However, you could also use (free) Youtube videos that are, perhaps, fashion oriented -- rather than a sales pitch. But use a call to action at the end and in the description.

    Another option would be Pinterest. Make an info-graphic that details the benefits of your advanced material.

    (Note that I said BENEFITS. You don't want a feature list. You want to explain why your product or material is better than the rest.)

    You could TEST Facebook ads, too. Just make sure to keep track of your ad costs. Test small, then roll out bigger if it's profitable for you.

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      Thank you very much, John
      Yes, I know I should use YouTube - I just haven't got around to making any videos but I know I must
      I have been on Pinterest for a while but tended to favour IG where I have just over 6k followers - however about a month ago my IG reach and likes suddenly dropped by 50% and no idea why
      I used FB ads when I started about. Two years ago and spent at least £1500 over a few months before giving up - I was targeting women 18-34 living in Italy and somehow FB targeting almost exclusively African men living in Italy and FB wouldn't help so I gave up
      Thanks for your tip about emphasising the benefits in any posting and thanks again for you advice
      Best wishes
      btw - do you have any experience of these Photoshop programmes that enable you to add motion in a photo?
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    PLAN: 1
    Forum marketing: Answer posts on forum related to your niche to help people. Choose thread
    that have a lot of views, this way you will have potentially more visits to your website (put the
    link on the signature). Take time to search for good threads and for writing a good, constructive
    and helpful answer. Create thread for your niche.
    Guest post: Ask a blog's owner who has a lot of readers to do guest post: everybody wins, he
    gets high value content to his audience and we get traffic to our website.
    YouTube: This is one of the quickest ways to get traffic. Just post videos regularly, commit to it
    and one will see traffic coming
    Reddit: There are a lot of people on reddit, find a subreddit relevant to your business and post
    something of value
    PLAN: 2
    1. Searching for the most trending posts via buzzsumo
    2. Writing the articles (They are 100% unique and relevant)
    3. Making infographics for Pinterest and repinning it from 10 different accounts
    4. Uploading the post to StumbleUpon / Reddit
    5. Uploading the same post to Buzzfeed
    6. Using Google Alerts which send us the similar articles and then commenting on them using
    our source and pasting it
    7. Using Yahoo Answers (For example pretending that we're someone else and asking for ex.
    "Is this military diet good? Anyone tested it yet?" and then posting the link to our webpage
    8. Making album photos and then sharing it on Facebook
    9. Sharing the same post on Facebook in different groups from different profiles
    10. Sharing them on YouTube too
    11. Social Book marking
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    Thank you very much for this very helpful advice - very much appreciated
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    good advises thanks
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    Although there are 100's of ways to promoting a website.

    but for me YouTube is the best to promote a website.

    here is why I prefer YouTube over other social media.

    YouTube is not just a social media but search engine as well so the content you are going to put over there will be searched by the people over and over again and they will be watching your videos they will be coming to your website again and again.

    but let's see if you are going to start posting on Instagram you are only going to get the traffic from Instagram from the amount of people who are going to see your post after a while your post will get buried under 1000's of post & will never come back because it's not a search engine.

    and the same thing with Facebook.

    but if you are going to put YouTube video that means you are providing a solution to an audience and whenever they will feel that they want to learn this they are going to come on the YouTube and they are going to search over there and they will be watching your video.

    and also YouTube videos rank much better and much faster than ranking a blog.
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      Thank you for this. I agree about IG - waste of money and time with - we have 6000 followers and typical reach = 300!
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    If you want to earn fast, choose paid advertising. If you have a large budget, do Facebook ads. If lower, then Instagram shoutouts. For fashion accessories, both platforms could work well.
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    • Profile picture of the author boborsabags
      Thanks for this. Actually I spent a load on FB ads when we started but found market targeting absolutely useless - we targeted women 28-34 living in Italy and all we got was African or Indian men living in Italy - so bad I gave up
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    Fashion accessories are a dynamic thing so I would prefer receiving regular updates on in so try to figure out ways to capture leads through an optin form then updating them regularly. Emails are the assets of any online business so better get on with it. You can also do Instagram and pinterest Marketing with photos of garments. I hope this helps.
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    There are different ways to promote a website. It can be manualy process or automated process. It's just you who decide how to promote. You can build link and rank your website into search engine to get more traffic.
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    You need to choose a specific social media platform for promoting your website. After that, you can create your business account on there and post fresh or quality content regularly.
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    For anything fashion related, I would definitely look into marketing your products via YouTube and Instagram.

    *** Save $200+ on WordPress web hosting ***
    Contact me here for more information.

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