My 5-Step Formula To Affiliate Marketing Success Based On Learning And Experiences

by amuro
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Here is my 5-Step Formula:

1. Identify Your Niche - As in what you like most, know a lot and are good at. Can be make money online or others like health and fitness, personal development or certain hobbies like certain sports, photography, music etc.

2. Identify Your Niche Market - As in finding and connecting with a group of people who are also interested in what you are interested. Offline, there are Meetup networking and other event groups by company, successful gurus and even your friends or family while online, you can join forums or Facebook groups in which people gathered for a common cause, passion or problem.

Remember: ANY place with A LOT of people talking about a topic, problem or passion IS a potential market.

Do this for at least 3-5 months like how you get to know your friends, boy/girlfriend or spouse.

Though there are faster ways to get customers through paid ads, those are for people who can afford to lose money short-term and know what to do to earn long-term.

3. Research And Find Products - As solutions to solve their problems or fulfiling their desire. This is where you can go to affiliate networks like Amazon, Clickbank, JVZoo and Warrior Plus. You can also go to JVNotifyPro which is an internet marketing calendar showcasing which marketers promote what products for the first 6 months of the year and then the next come July.

4. Brand Yourself Online - This is when you get a domain, web hosting and autoresponder to set up your blog, squeeze page and social media channels like Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube

Domain and web host is for your blog to generate trust with your visitors while squeeze page is for getting their emails in exchange for giving them your PDF report about the topic you specialize in.

As well as following up with them in your emails in case they do not buy the products you offered them first-time on your blog or download page. which you should direct them after they put in their emails through your landing page.

5. Provide Them Valuable Info, Tips And Recommend Relevant Products - This is when you start to MAKE MONEY by sending them emails pertaining to those.

Either other people's products you are promoting as affiliate or your own.
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    great post especially 3rd point!
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    More extremely generic info that any marketer should already have burned into their brain.

    "He not busy being born, is busy dying." - Bob Dylan • "I vibe with the light-dark point. Heavy." - Words that Bob Dylan wishes he had written.

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    Hasn't similar content been shared multiple times ago here? The 3th point for example, the 3 sentences you wrote are very superficiels.

    Let's say we go to Amazon, how can we determine what are the 'hot' products, what are the metrics, how can we say for sure that X product is better than Y product.

    Other than that, I appreciate the share and I'm sure it will help a person that has JUST started learning that money can be made online.

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    The formula for affiliate marketing remains relatively constant no matter what your market or niche. Affiliate marketing allows you to make money online, even if you don't have a blog, website, or any products of your own. Affiliate marketing is really one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money online and should be a part of every online business owner's portfolio. How To became affiliate marketing:
    1. Choosing the Right Affiliate Network
    2. Research and Select the Right Affiliate Products
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    Thanks for the great tips. The bottom line? Build your business around existing demand

    There's a shortcut to all of your advice: It's called REDDIT

    I call it CREDIBILITY marketing

    Put simply, people aren't going to care about what you have to say... until they SEE that you actually CARE.

    A little bit of CREDIBILITY goes a long way
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    For those complaining about generic content, I'd love to see your detailed contributions that haven't been discussed here before.

    At least he's willing to share. We need more content and more quality content. With most sharing posts these days the members have started taking headlines from lists in other sites and posting that. At least the OP puts a little time and effort into these.

    OP: Google+ is old news because they are shutting down. I wouldn't spend any time trying to build my following up there I don't think.

    My personal opinion only. Carry on.

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