Is it unprofessional to watermark an affiliate video?

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I just spent a lot of time (and a little bit of money) creating a video for an affiliate program I am promoting. My website name doesn't appear until the last sequence of the video. I don't want other affiliates to copy the video and edit my website out of the last sequence and replace it with theirs.

Do you think it would look unprofessional if I placed my website name as a watermark over the length of the video?
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    Do you mean like this?

    BTW I deleted WGC some years ago. All that remains is a Blogger site.

    I won't do it any other way.

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    As long as you are compliant with the terms of the affiliate program you're promoting, you should be fine

    You're on the right track because Youtube/Vimeo have quite a number of edited affiliate videos

    Yes so long as you are not breaking any terms protect your work.

    Best of luck

    As long as the watermark is an eye-candy, go for it. It's called branding and it works.

    Go for it. I should point out, however, that you definitely have legal recourse against anyone who edits a video you created.

    As long as it's not obnoxious to look at or distracting then I'd say go ahead..

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