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My company is using iDev Affiliate to manage 3800 affiliates. So far for 2018 we have paid out $1,600,000 in commissions.

We are really focusing on growing our affiliate program in 2019 and feel we are limited by the iDev software. It is quite outdated, not very customizable, and seems made for much smaller programs.

I have spoken with companies like Tune (HasOffers) and Impact (Radius) but have been quoted $80k - 170k for a year of subscription... This is out of our startups budget, unless we can truly prove the ROI.

I am curious - are there many Affiliate managers here that are familiar with these programs? Or perhaps someone knows where I can connect with others in my position?
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    I would go with CAKE. It's the #1 platform.

    I'm not an AM, but rather what is considered a super affiliate and it's my preferred network platform!

    Hasoffers is second, but I have also worked with a company using offerit and had no issues.

    My question would many of those 3800 affiliates are really worth keeping?

    I have been promoting affiliate / CPA offers for over 18 years and have become friends with many network owners and most affiliates aren't worth keeping.
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      Thanks for your reply!

      Great question, honestly of those 3800 affiliates, only ~200 are probably worth keeping, haha. We are okay transitioning over to something new.

      We had a demo with CAKE, but damn the UI was quite awful. Very ugly, barely better than iDev but no doubt has a ton more features. And it is quite affordable.

      We LOVED Tune but were quoted ~60k annually, which is out of the budget.
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    I agree with cake being the top, I'm not sure the pricing but I believe it is costly.
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