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My website is highly optimised. My site comes in the top 1% of fastest loading sites on Pingdom. The complete load and render time from the homepage is about 550ms for the homepage (first load; 450ms second load) accessed near the server location, but then when accessed further away from the site it obviously gets slower.

On page speed tests the only negative I have is cookies are passed with my static files, which is one three things I have left to look at.


1) My homepage has seven requests: the HTML, CSS, Javascript, SVG sprite, another SVG that can't be included in the sprite, a variable font and font icons. I believe it's better putting these on a subdomain, but I think(?) that will incur some extra DNS and HTTP time. So is that likely to be useful? Or should I just use a CDN?

2) I know very little about premium DNS, CDN and the other services that have been offered. What are members preferred options for services like CloudFlare that speed up site loads times? Am I right in that the likes of CloudFlare speed up DNS, HTTPS and to first byte?
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    My site comes in the top 1% of fastest loading sites on Pingdom.
    I've been building sites for 11 years and have never "checked the speed" or found milliseconds to make any difference.

    I think you're wasting time. But maybe playing with minuscule things on websites is your goal.

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