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Hi fellow warriors.
I've been reading this forum a lot.
I live in Bay area aka silicon valley.

Last three months I started reading about SaaS and cloud computing services.
I saw some good projects for team/work like monday. com for example.
I was thinking of making something like this but it is not that easy haha.

I came up with cloud storage service where some small companies here can use my service to keep their files.
Anyone has experience with cloud storage service? Do you think it will work or everyone will just use s3, gsuite, dropbox?
How to market it?

Thank you!
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    Choosing a cloud model is not that difficult if you have any queries you can visit impiger for the clear understanding of cloud computing and they are providing solution also for the business people
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    You'll have to distinguish your product from Google Drive and the others. You'll have to give your potential customers a reason why to choose you over Google Drive, for example. Especially if you're planning to charge them for that service which is free for most users.
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    I would say it may be pretty tough to carve out a niche here just because there are some big names in this space. I have used OneDrive (Microsoft) in the past just because it was already on my computer.
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    You can market your cloud-based business through influencer outreach

    Reach out to bloggers who interact with your target customers and get them onboard
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    I think you should utilize different online marketing strategies to aware the users about your cloud storage services. You can blog about it, you can outreach influencers, you can utilize social media or you can also come up with special offers and discounts with your service.

    I believe you should also emphasize on security aspect while marketing your product
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