Where can I find these features for selling digital goods?

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Hello all!

I am searching for a group of features for digital download sales and I seem to be hitting a wall.
  1. I need to be able to provide STREAMING access to videos, while allowing folks to download the supplmental PDF files.
  2. I need to be able to offer a $1 (or free) trial for a period of 7 days. Customers card is billed on the 8th day for $X97
  3. I need to be able to limit people from being able to access certain files during the $1 (or free) trial period. Example; I'll teach you how to do an edit in Adobe Premiere pro for free on video during trail, but you're not going to be able to download the plug-in until I've collected the full value of the offer.

It seemed like I got pretty close with Sam Cart, but the file size limitation is a challenge. Additionally, the $1 trial thing is "clunky." It's more designed for those selling recurring memberships vs. those who are selling lifetime access.

Does this group of features exist anywhere? Big file size limits, trial periods for ONE TIME billing, product limit access during free trial?

Your help is greatly appreciated!

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    Do you want to create the application or the website ?? In both the ways I can help you with that. How can we connect ??
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    wishlist member allows you to create levels of membership, that might help.

    As far as video I have noticed many sites are using vimeo player to deliver their videos instead of youtube

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    Amember will do all of that and more, that's the program that I use. It has a lot of great features that one can use to run a membership site with.

    They do provide a video player as well, I have not actually used that plugin yet, but if it works as great as their aweber, wordpress and forum plugins work, then you'd be happy with it.
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  • You can do all these features on WordPress. There are membership plugins and security plugins that you can work on in a WP-based website. Also, if you like to secure your videos, you can also subscribe to Amazon Cloud service (https://aws.amazon.com/)
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