$6.99 dot coms with free privacy, no limit [Jan 2019]

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DynaDot is running a sale on dot coms again. Only $6.99, it also comes with free privacy. The offer also includes a free website but I don't know anything about the free websites since I have never used them.

I've been using them for years with no problems. Renewals are only $8.99. I should probably cancel my GD Discount Domain Club that costs $100+ a year and move everything to DynaDot.

Here is a non affiliate link to the offer:

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    Sweet deal - Thanks for the heads up!
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    1and1 does it for $1, with free privacy
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      Originally Posted by Fiskal View Post

      1and1 does it for $1, with free privacy
      I had very bad experience with 1n1, I also read a lot bad comment on them.

      they offer $1, but end up charge more into my card.
      When I check with them, the claim that for certain country only.

      After refund, I lost that domain name already, they hold it because already register.
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      Go ahead and go there... That will be the faster way to become insane.
      1 and No One is the worst place you may find to register a domain name.
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    I've never worried about saving 2 or 3 dollars on a domain name. It's splitting hairs on a business expense that amounts to 50 cents to $1 per month. A domain name is the very least expense you will encounter with an online business.

    Don't get me wrong. I appreciate that you are sharing a sale. It's just not the type of sale I am going to break down doors over. Show me a sale where hosting is half price if paid annually or PPC is now two for one or something like that and I'll be all over it!
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    Agreed on 1and1 being the domain devil. Stay away.

    I personally use Namesilo with free lifetime privacy.

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    Namecheap is always my choice. I have been with them for 4 years and get the super support when getting any issue.
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