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I know there's a lot of confusion when it comes to marketing using social media.

What tips can you give the people who are new, don't really get it, or are using social media wrong?

Here's my tip:
When someone follows you in twitter, do not do an auto DM(Direct Message) trying to get them to a sales page or to join your maffia, etc. Introduce yourself and send them to a page to learn more about YOU. Remember, they're not there to buy, they're there to build a relationship.
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    Using social media sites are cool, they allow you to get personal and build relationships with sites such as twitter, facebook, and so on but there are a ton of other video and content social media sites as well that you can use to get content and your self out there as well with links back to your blogs, pages and sites...

    I say use em, rely on them alone no, but use them in conjunction with your other marketing efforts definitely.

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    Here I tell you a strategic technics to really put your social marketing to work:

    Step 1: relevant information
    If you have relevant info for your niche, you will have a network more likely to be visited. Think about what kind of net you want to create. Something interesting, new, not very common that satisfies the needs of your niche. Learn from your customers and most important - Let them talk- Let the people tell you what do they want.

    Step 2 - Promote interaction
    Promote and provoke interaction between users. Think about this. If in your facebook you only have two friends is not as fun as if you have 100. Cellphones are not fun if you have only one friend to call to. That's the reason why videphones still won´t work. Why do I need one if I have nobody to videocall with. Got the idea?

    Step 3 - Create the community
    make people to visit you every day all time. Every day must be something cool and new. People will assist to your site if they know that they can find something cool everytime. Think about youtube. There is always something to watch.

    Step 4 - Intimate with your clients
    People visit you, interact with each other and are part of something. Now is time to get a little closer. They will have enough trust to buy you stuff.

    Remember always:
    -Know better that anybody to your clients
    -Talk about real benefits instead of technical advantages
    - Keep low your expectations (What??) yes. Sounds contradictory? Well, when you start a social network and you offer lots, is more possible that you won´t be able to fulfill all those great expectations. Instead, keep them low and surprise your visitors anytime you can with new and cool stuff.
    - Once you have lots of registered users or followers, make it your net public. Invest on big advertising. All your customers will feel important and will recommend mouth to mouth the net.
    Dont´forget that all this take time so follow up, monitor and track it everyday!

    Good luck!!!
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    1. Create a feed for your name, your blog name and/or your business name

    You can use twitter search and create a feed for them all and add it to your feed reader. Respond to everyone who is talking about you/your blog/your company.

    2. Create Google Alerts

    Do the same thing I said above in Google Alerts also.

    3. Don't Auto follow

    There are too many spammers in twitter now and you don't want to be following them.

    4. Give and you shall receive

    In any social media site, you have to give before you can receive. If you give to community, people will trust you and start helping you.

    5. Understand the community

    There is no use spending all your time in one site only to find that this community doesn't help your blog/company grow in anyway.

    6. Never Spam

    This is very basic and everyone knows it (and yet, few people do it). Don't do anything against a site's TOS.

    Hope this helps
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    Cool stuff!

    The biggest thing I've found is that you need to make sure you understand the needs and interests of the crowd that you are attracting, and deliver good stuff to them.

    If you give them a GOOD reason to join your club, they just might pass info about you to their friends, and then the viral train can really take off.


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    Originally Posted by mscopeland View Post

    Remember, they're not there to buy, they're there to build a relationship.
    Which is exactly why I see it as having limited effectiveness as compared to more direct methods that specifically target buyers like SEO and PPC.
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    My social media marketing tip of the day is that you should never direct traffic from any of your social media network profiles to a squeeze page or sales letter.

    If you want to list build, direct traffic to your blog and have your opt-in form placed strategically throughout your blog, some strategic places include:

    * Top Right Sidebar
    * Bottom of Every Post
    * Slide Up Bar


    Chris Pambos
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      Originally Posted by Chris Pambos View Post


      My social media marketing tip of the day is that you should never direct traffic from any of your social media network profiles to a squeeze page or sales letter.
      I agree Chris. However there are a lot of people who think they should go to a greeting landing page with an optin to get even more info. Like a social landing.
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    I promote my personal blog on twitter, and occasionally announce a new site, or even a hub page and such. I imagine these make up no more than 5% of my tweets - the rest are personal and interactive and I am actually making friends of twitter (several of them I have met irl already - some more than once). I enjoy Twitter for the social value it provides - the marketing benefits are just a bonus.

    Since I treat these people as "friends" I find that my "promotional" tweets are welcome. I sometimes add a "pls RT" and it's nice to see how many people help out by retweeting them - just because they like me and want to help out. I do the same for others btw.

    Last, but not least, I try to create interesting web content and promote these via interesting tweets. For example, I make a promotional page selling bakugan balls, and I tweet that with a message to parents, joking about the stupid little things our kids are addicted to. It comes out as a nice personal tweet, and people tend to RT it, along with my page link.

    Hope this helps. First post here btw, so hi everyone
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