Commission Junction vs. Linkshare vs. ? - For advertisers

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My question is a bit of an opposite spin.

For publishers, we used to have an account with Linkshare and did very well with Clickbank. Somewhere along the years, we ditched CB to keep the 50% of the profit they were keeping (we had a REALLY high payout - which was good to get traffic) and somewhere we just stopped with Linkshare as well.

Now the traffic is OK, the site is OK, sales are OK but we're ready to ramp things up again.

For a brand doing well (but not wanting to deposit $5k - is that still the number on CJ?) we're exploring all our options again.

I feel so out of the game that I may not know about a better mousetrap.


Which platform do you feel is better, less costly, easier to implement?
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