Client changes his domain name, and has lost all traffic

by grey38
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I actually posted about this client a few days ago. He runs a property management business. I built his site on http://originaldomain. His son decides to pay go daddy to migrate the website over to the new domain they chose http://newdomain, without even telling me. Now all of their traffic is completely gone...

This is what I know I have to do:

1.) Go back and change all the local directory listings to the new URL (google local, bing local, etc.)

2. ) Go into the wordpress and change any reference to the old domain (maybe reset the permalinks too?)

3.) No SSL was ever installed on the new domain, and I know google will hinder rankings now if thats not installed. So I need to install that.

That's really all I can think to do. 60 days after I originally created the site he was getting about 110 visitors a month. Now it's at like 15 visitors a month... I mean is there somewhere I can submit to say we've updated all the broken info? Or a place to go to find out why it's being hindered in rankings (maybe a site/tool that shows errors, or issues)? Please fill me in, because I've never had to do this before.

Also inside the wordpress dashboard, google analytics is telling me the average load time is 9.0 seconds, but GTmetrix is telling me everything is running around 1-1.5second load time. if anyone knows why this is happening?, any help is appreciated.
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    You will definitely need to do a ton of 301-redirects for old URLs to the new ones.

    I'm assuming they did not do something smart like use Screaming Frog to grab all of the old URLs before moving.

    Even if everything was done perfectly, you usually see a pretty significant drop in traffic for up to a couple of months
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    I would without question drop off a quote to fix the issues at hand with an added stupid tax, and I am talking above and beyond fair STUPID tax. And its not even about being vengeful.. its to pay for the endless technical hours it will take to fix this.. and the level of accountability to bring the traffic back at some point hopefully in the next year.
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    He should do 301 redirects to all his website pages.
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      Originally Posted by Ownly Digital View Post

      He should do 301 redirects to all his website pages.
      You are no help by 'regurgitating' previously posted information.

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    I hope you understand that setting 301 redirect isn't the only issue you're having here. Did your client actually ask for help?
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