Is it a good idea to contact prospects in DM ?

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Hey, it's been a few weeks since I created a lead magnet to get emails. It's converting pretty well (about 40%) but I have a hard time getting traffic (I got about 15 emails).

As someone suggested me on the forum, I'm contacting leads in DM to talk to them about my guide. I have about 20% of answers.
Do you think it's normal ? Does anyone knows how to get some free traffic ?

Thanks in advance !
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    How are you currently promorinf your lead magnet? It's reallt hard to answer without knowing this and other details.
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      I'm promoting it through Facebook and Instagram DMs and I give it on a landing page.
      The lead magnet is a 8 pages PDF Guide and I'm in the dogs niche.

      My DM looks like "Hey, I've seen the beautiful [dog race] on your account. I don't know if it's your first dog but I created a training guide. Reply me if you're interested.
      PS : I like dogs too, so there is no problem if you just want to talk a bit."

      Hope it can help you
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    Most people probably will be bugged off if you contact through DM (especially if the platform is social media like facebook).

    Not sure what the specifics of the lead magnet is, and i'm not sure where you're giving it out or what it even has (or if you're even doing the following or not), but you can make a good e-mail sequence to follow up with people (if you still haven't).

    And if you're selling something, people rather buy from emails over almost all other forms, and it's not even close. Also, make sure they KNOW you're selling something, so they know what to expect
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      Thanks a lot, do you know a "less pushy" way to contact them ?

      I'm trying to talk a bit with them before promoting the lead magnet but still in Facebook and Instagram DM.

      By the way, the lead magnet is a PDF Guide (8 pages) and I'm giving it on a landing page, I wait to have 50 emails to start sending a sequence.

      Is it okay to not tell people that I sell something until they receive my email sequence ? (Of course, I'll give free content before selling)
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    If there's been no other contact with those people, then yeah, that's probably to be expected. They might feel it's too pushy.
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      Okay, so I assume, I should probably talk a bit with them before promoting the lead magnet. Thanks.
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    When people Direct Message me, in FB for example, it's either because they need help, or they're thinking that they can sell me something.

    I ignore the latter and try to help people who ask.
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      Thanks for the feedback. I'm in the dogs niche, so I could ask something like "How do you take these awesome photos of your dog ?"

      But I wonder if it's possible to promote a lead magnet after asking for help ?
      Otherwise, I could start to talk with them a few minutes and after promote the lead magnet.

      What do you think ?
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