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I have some unique products to sell, but I can't list them on eBay or Amazon ( because of the policy of my supplier).
I do really need only 5-10 regular customers to be satisfied ( cosmetics stores ideally) .
The problem is, I cannot send those products beyond European Union and I'd love to find customers somewhere in London or Stockholm. I have no idea, where should I look for them, and how to approach them so I can make them my regular customers without having any store. I do not want to spend much money for that purpose.

Can you help me guys ?

- Where to find them ?
- How to build a relationship with them ?
- How to sell them stuff without a platform ?
- How to make them my regullar customers ?

I can honestly say, that cosmetics I promote are very good and in high demand, could bring a lot of profit to my customers, the only problem is I don't know where and how to find them.

Thank you all for replying
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    You can find them on facebook...

    You can find them on local sites...
    You can do SEO and make sure your pages pop up for

    your product London (or a neighborhood of London or a suburb of London)...
    You can find them on forums...

    Imagine you're your ideal customer living in London... What do you do? When you're looking for your product, where do you look? Who do you trust? ETC.

    Assuming your ideal customer finds your page, why would they buy from you? Why would they trust you?

    I ask because I get the feeling you have not thought things through.
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      Originally Posted by DABK View Post

      You can find them on local sites...
      You can do SEO and make sure your pages pop up for
      they are selling MLM product, so they cant sell them on a website.

      They need to focus on Social Media platforms, and dont worry abouty turning them into repeat customers.. just sell.

      The FLIP side of this strategy.. You buy the product and sell it to someone that IS NOT involved in the MLM, and they can sell it where ever they want. IE your mom or girlfriend or whatever.

      I will also say that most MLM companies do offer back end access so that you can sell product straight from the MLM site to your customers.
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  • You can sell your products through amazon.
    For know more how to increase your products sell contract
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