3 Internet Marketing Lessons from Camels

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Today marks my 1st month staying in exotic Oman.

Beautiful people, eye-popping scenery and rich culture - including the world famous Middle Eastern hospitality - all make this country a must visit spot.

3 camels are our neighbors. Not kidding. Plus we have seen 20 plus wild camels during desert drives.

Peep these 3 dromedary internet marketing lessons.

1: Store/Save Up for Lean Times

Camels can go days without ingesting a drop of water. Impressive, considering temperatures here in Oman reach 130 degrees Fahrenheit or higher during summer time. These suckers are masters of living off of fat stores for a LONG time.

IMers; developing skills takes plenty of practice. Meaning money ain't flowing in for months, or maybe years, while you practice. Save up. Build your money stores (not a Phil Rizzuto reference). Never really on IM to pay bills during the first year or 2 because you have not da skillz to pay da bills, yet.

2: Be Feisty

Camels are generally serene but become incredibly feisty at times, bucking riders, attacking trucks, showing off the ornery, nasty, rugged streak that allows HUGE creatures to survive in unimaginably savage conditions. Temps reaching only 80 F here during winter, and my skin would burn after only 5 minutes in the sun, sans sunblock, as UV rays here reach close to the highest level daily.

IMers; be nice to people but feisty with your results, if you struggle for a while. Don't give up. Be stubborn in sticking to fundamentals. Develop a little fight in you. Don't roll over if your metrics appear to have rolled over; be generous, stick to the basics and succeed.

3: Be Efficient

I observe camels moving slowly and incredibly deliberately in the desert over the past few weeks. Camels cannot afford to waste energy; life-death factor at play here. Slow step by slow step, these brutes patiently move toward and chew on rough vegetation, taking their sweet time. No rush, no fuss, just efficiency.

Smart IMers engage in efficient, effective actions like creating helpful content and building strong bonds. Creating and connecting generously leads to stunning success, while trying to manipulate folks or take shortcuts are both inefficient actions leading to failure.

Time for a late night desert run. I'll thank the ungulates for you.
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    All great ideas, Ryan.

    Save for a rainy day. Keep your internet marketing business as a side hustle until you are debt free and have at least 12-months worth of living expenses saved up. Too many people are quick to go full-time way to early in their business. It will take most people at least a few years to truly master their skills. It took me over five years to really figure things out. Have some patience, don't quit and realize that even a little $500 per month side hustle is good.

    Enjoy your time in Oman!

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    Originally Posted by ryanbiddulph View Post

    Today marks my 1st month staying in exotic Oman. Edited to save space.

    Today marks a very good post Ryan.

    Thank goodness it is not your usual post.

    Entrepreneurs starting out and small businesses without giant staffs and budgets.

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    Great post Ryan, never been to the Middle East but sounds like a very cultural place worth visiting.

    You make some good points, although I'm sure you missed the boat on sliding a 'getting the hump' joke in there somewhere
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