1,102 hops and no sales yet with targeted traffic?!!

by dj2590
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hello warriors, I have a youtube channel, and im ranking for very good/high competition keywords that are relevant to my product, im sometimes getting over 300 hops per day.. equaling to over 1100+ in one week for a clickbank product I'm promoting, and not one sale? does anyone think this is kind of bizarre?
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    How long have you been promoting to this audience ? Do you have a basic understanding of their audiences needs?

    Maybe you should tweak your funnel. Instead sending them directly to your click bank link drive them to a landing page or downloadable ebook .ARE many of them are subscribing to your channel. Because if they are you have go them in the front door
    You just have to work on the backend which is the sale . Oh and make sure your calls to action are clear descriptive.
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    I been sending them directly to the offer. but I should prolly make a funnel.
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    Are these people targeted to the product? Does the sales page suck?

    Are there different offers you can test?

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      very targeted.. and the sales page is pretty good, I think anyways.. I might just try a different offer
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        Originally Posted by dj2590 View Post

        very targeted.. and the sales page is pretty good, I think anyways.. I might just try a different offer
        I would definitely test something else. That many hops and no sales mean there is a disconnect between what people think they will find when they click your link and what they find on the sales page.

        Are you creating false expectations? Do they understand up front they will be expected to pay?

        I'm really curious to know what's up with that.

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    So first thing, they are interested enough to hop. You did something right in the video and they seem to know what to do from the description or link you give them.

    That's Step 1.

    Now you paid for that lead in blood, sweat, tears or ad spend;...why would you let it get away?


    They're * your * lead. Whether you send them to the CB product sales page or not, they belong to you. You paid for them.

    After they opt in, you have multiple chances to warm them up and then send them over to the CB page.

    You can give them the sales page link several times.

    You can share your personal story, or someone else's, with the product, to warm them up.

    And using a decent autoresponder like ActiveCampaign, if they don't click over and they don't buy after say 5 attempts (you can track all this and set up logic trees with AC very easily)...then you tag them to segment them to another list and you try something else with them. A related product, maybe .

    Cost Per Lead.

    Cost of Customer Acquisition.

    These are two numbers you need to start to learn.
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  • Like mentioned above, you should try and make some tweaks to the sales page, go more in-depth with the research of your audience, or consider making an opt-in page so you can capture emails and further connect with your customers.

    Also if you have any free bonuses, you can try to throw those in there as well and see if that helps with conversions.
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    Only having a traffic is not enough.The most important thing is building relation ship with them.

    This can be achieved by:

    1. Consistency

    2. Great subject lines

    3. Relevant content

    4. Infrequent sales

    5. Strong calls to action

    6. Relevant affiliate offers

    7. Exciting discounts and freebies
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    Warm up your prospects to fatten them for the kill.

    I would embed a video in the sales page to make it more personal.

    People often judge the book by the cover.

    George Troy Marketing on Youtube

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    I agree with the statement above, you need to insert a video on the sales page to make it more attractive.
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    Following to what some people were saying here...maybe there is some congruency issues.

    The fact that what they see in the video must match whatever they see afterwards in clickbank, is pretty important.

    Also, if you're not capturing that traffic, do so! All you need is a simple email capture page and a website + landing page.

    In regards to traffic...What KIND of traffic is this? Have you checked? If all those clicks are coming from countries that just don't have the money to spend, that could be an issue.
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    It seems the product is not converting or the sales page is not engaging enough to get you sales. Better promote a different product or use a landing page to capture leads and then you can followup to close sales.

    I am personally not recommending to promote direct link of Clickbank products, instead you can use landing pages.

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    Did you post it here? What have you got to lose? (apparently it sucks) You absolutely need an opt-in page but also "how" are you making your offer? Do you offer any value to the potential buyer? You need to do what Russell Brunson and Gary Vee do,,,,, jab, jab, hook.

    Give---> Give more---> Make offer.

    Youtube views aren't that big a deal. But, when you do get a viewer you need to lead them through your system, not just send them to a sales page.



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    1100+ hops a week is good but there are a few pointers that you need to ascertain like are you targeting the right market audience? is the audience subscribing to your channel for future reference purposes? Are you pitching pricing eloquently?- in particular do a comparison with your competitor. Is the content which you are marketing enough eye-catching? - there are usually bottlenecks when targeting an audience but I hope you'll be getting sales soon.
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    Here is what I suggest.

    1. Send everyone to a capture page first. Just ask for their email and nothing else.

    2. Do an A/B test with two different affiliate products as the redirect page. This is where they will be sent AFTER they opt-in.

    3. Have an email auto-responder sequence with 8 emails, 4 to promote one product and 4 for another.

    4. Send about 10,000 people to your capture page and then compare your results with the two different products. That will give you a very good idea as to what your subscribers want to buy.

    5. After you complete this one time, keep the good product and then do another A/B test with a different affiliate product.

    6. Repeat this process over and over and never stop.

    I hope that helps.
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    With these stats you are definitely promoting a WRONG product..
    Online Business is like a game 1 on 1
    Where your visitors have to get what they are looking for!

    300 views per day?
    Thats 9000 per month! I would be so rich by that time
    (Joking) but beautiful numbers!!!

    Whats your yt channel? DM me the link pls
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