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Hello Warrior's,

7 Years ago I wrote a book and self-published through Amazon. It did quite well on kindle and paperback for many years and although it still brings in a few hundred dollars once in a while, it has been dying. I am going to be launching the second book in a few months, and although within the same field- my ideas and methods have changed a lot, so I am thinking I need to kill the old book so that the new one can stand alone and not confuse target audience.

The old book has several hundred reviews, many positive- and I am wondering if there is anyway I can leverage this social proof for the launch of the new book before killing of the old one?

Also if there are any updated kindle/book launching programs or WSO you can recommend, I would love to heart them.

Your help is much appreciated.
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    Maybe you shouldn't kill off the old book but just re-edit and place links to the newer version.

    If you did this within the previewed section shown to prospective buyers you can drive traffic from the old to the new plus the new book would show up in the related books listing.

    Best regards,

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    Like Ozibooker said, don't kill the old book. It's better to come up with a fresh idea of putting your knowledge into words, and come with a new book where you can leverage the popularity your old one has.

    Or just write another one (or hire someone to write it for you) on a similar topic, and enjoy an increased cash flow. Being a renowned author with lots of reviews is a sure way to have a hit with your new book as well.
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    Amazon KDP has a great forum filled with publishers and authors all can be a great help, you should look into it


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    I would look at it this way.. the "Old" book in no way is going to hurt you... IF anything it may help.

    I would preface the new book around having written a successful book 7 years ago... In those 7 years, experience has changed a whole lot of things, this book is insight into that experience.

    Having the ability to physically show YOUR experience on a topic is worth its weight in gold. What you are basically saying is I wrote this 7 years ago.. things have changed and I am updating that material now.. I have been doing this for the last 7 years at least.

    Experience equals Authority. Authority is something people look for when buying a book. Having written a book 7 years ago greatly increases your Authority score greatly.. and the immediate by product of THAT is the gain in TRUST. Trust is a huge variable in making a sale

    A by product of selling your soon to be current book will be you will gain sales for your past book. People will want to see the progrssion.. if they learn anything from the first book.. they will think there might be something to learn from the first. From a completely make mone prospective.. you would be a FOOL to remove the first book. - its flat out free money at this point.

    7 years from now when you write your 3rd book... the effect will only compound itself.
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    Thank you so much for the suggestions. Anyone else having thoughts on this matter please do share...

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  • Having authored two successful books on your authors central page, is better than one. Once your purchasers of your first book know that you have finally self published another book, they may buy your new book too.

    It's wise to build your reputation as an author from your previous success. Why hide the fact that you actually have another book that's already been making sales for the past 7 years, in the same market place.

    The reviews from your first book will definitely help drive the sales of your new book, while it has not accumulated reviews of it's own yet.
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    Don't kill the old book

    Instead, use it as the first book in your SERIES

    Since it was successful, your AUTHOR BRAND would benefit tremendously from its positive reviews and 'the lives it changed'

    Do a pre-launch promo where you GIVE AWAY the old book (Kindle free promo feature) to get people on your notification list for your NEW book

    Never kill a successful previous book
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