Whats your opinions on apps such as Google Opinions Rewards?

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Google Opinion Rewards is an app that pays the user for completing a survey. I found a similar platform to Google Opinion Rewards in .

Both these platforms pretty much suggest that you can make money simply by answering a few questions. However, what I noticed on the muddiclick website is that it redirects you to another site that offers more rewards such as amazon, walmart, target gift cards and more. Why do companies pay people customers to offer insights?
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    "Why do companies pay people to offer insights?"

    Well, you need to incentivize everything these days.
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    They collect valuable information from all their customers because they pay IS people a lot of money to analyze it and they can implement new ways of doing things better and in turn make a better experience for future customers. The return they get from collecting feedback is exponential compared to what they can do with it in the future that is why they are always looking to collect it.
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