Clickbank vs Paydotcom: My experience

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I thought I would just share with everyone my experience with Paydotcom (PDC). I acquired a profitable website back in July that ran on PDC. I noticed the PDC/Paypal payment gateway was slow and clunky. When you're dealing with impulse buying, this is a no-no. When I switched the payment gateway over to Clickbank, my sales improved by nearly 30% overnight, no joke. What's more even though PDC advertises themselves to be cheaper on fees than CB, it's only true if you pre-pay your fees. The only real benefit I found to using PDC is that money is in your paypal account immediately, but at what cost to your overall business?

Other problems with PDC:
The PDC payment gateway is slow and clumsy
Paypal has too many steps, this can scare off impulse buyers
You have to manually pay your affiliates
You have to manually transfer money from Paypal to your bank account

Since switching to Clickbank, my customer emails have gone down. With PDC, people weren't making it to my thank you page, presumably because the Paypal interface just isn't that intuitive when it comes to returning to the merchant. Not only is the Clickbank payment gateway fast and reliable, users are taken directly to the form to enter their credit card information (no chance to get distracted or scared off). With Clickbank, you don't have to make affiliate payments, as they are handled automatically. After three paper checks, you can set yourself up for direct deposit to your bank account. Clickbank allows you to have a truly automated business.

I'm a lazy guy, and switching from PDC to CB has made running my business much less time consuming.
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    Thanks gsharp for the timely post.

    I am just wondering what is the difference between PDC and CB.

    What about the number of affiliates promoting a product? Is CB more popular for affiliates to sign up at?

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    • Profile picture of the author Michael Mayhew sucks.

      I've requested support desk help multiple times with no response.

      Stay away. Far away.

      IMO Partnership. A National Insurance Marketing Alliance.

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      Originally Posted by jhongren View Post

      Thanks gsharp for the timely post.

      I am just wondering what is the difference between PDC and CB.

      What about the number of affiliates promoting a product? Is CB more popular for affiliates to sign up at?

      PDC the customers pay DIRECTLY to your paypal account and YOU are responsible for paying your affiliates. There have been cases where people haven't paid affiliates commissions...

      Clickbank they handle everything for you. If you are an affiliate, you are guaranteed to get paid. However, theres a higher cost.
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    My issue with paydotcom is that I get a lot of mail from product owners that I never subscribed to.
    I changed my settings and that cured that, but as a promoter I want to be able to browse the marketplace and not be molested by merchants.
    I find it odd that I pick a product to promote and get a email from that person promoting something else.
    It's a free for all there
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    I've been thinking about trying paydotcom but didn't know about all these problems. Thanks for the info!
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    Interesting. I get higher conversion and fewer support requests from PDC vs. CB. Not to mention something called cashflow (although CB is improving in that area with weekly payments).

    Paying affiliates is no big deal, takes about 2 minutes once a month, less than it would take to make a post complaining about it.

    If PayPal has "too many steps" why do so many CB customers choose to pay with it? Why is my conversion higher with PP than CB? Maybe because buyers like to use PP.

    I look at PDC and CB as just different places to list my stuff. There is no reason to have to choose one over the other.
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    The fewer steps used for customers to enter their credit card number, the more income you will make.

    I agree CB is a faster payment processor than PDC. I've made a small fortune from CB...only pennies from PDC.
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    Been using clickbank and almost consider paydotcom for my new product.. They look neat.. This sure will help tons of ppl. Sweet, I guess will just stick to clickbank
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