Clickbank alternatives?

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So, we've got a couple threads going on about how people are seeing severe tracking problems with their clickbank sales so I thought I'd start a thread to see what people think are the best alternatives for people to use other than clickbank.

Primarily this should be focused on other networks similar to CB that people can sell products like CB has. That said, anything that can reasonably substitute for CB should be ok as the aim of this thread is to give people viable alternatives to CB if they so desire.
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    Some of the products are managed through several different affiliate networks. Contact an affiliate manager for the product to find out.

    If they have a tracking system in place you can sign up directly with them and track your sales through your access on their site. But this way you rely on their honesty a to sales tracking, and I've heard some bad stories.

    This way you also go around the additional clickbank fees which are added at the end of the transaction to the customers' bill, which discourages some of the buyers.

    Your payment typically goes to your paypal account every 14-30 days. But some portion can be held longer for possible refunds.
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    Hmm.. some good info here.. keep it coming folks.. :>))
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    There's hundreds of alternatives, it just depends on whether you prefer physical or digital products.

    As somebody suggested, there's PaydotCom. You've also got Amazon, eBay...

    In all that you do, know your True INTENT...

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