What's The Best Way To OUTSOURCE An Internet Business...

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Hi Warriors...
Well this is the $64,000,000 question isn't it.

Basically where do you start in regards to outsourcing in regards to an internet business (that also has huge offline potential).

Basically I'm an author of various spoken word personal development products and need to spend most of my time creating new product - not trying (keyword being trying) to run adword campaigns etc if you know what I mean.

Yesterday I posted the question "Where Do You Start When You Want To Find A Business Partner?".

Most people seemed to suggest outsourcing.

So... regarding outsourcing what are the Top 10 Tips for someone like myself who wants to outsource various parts of his internet business?

:-) Beaumont
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    Hi Beau,

    Honestly outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant cane be very beneficial. However when working with online marketing you want to make sure you outsource someone who is familiar with marketing and web site maintenance because so many outsource companies are targeted towards billing or customer service.

    I offer outsourcing at a very affordable price and would love to speak with you further about creating a business relationship.
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    List your end goal.

    Work backwards from that and create a campaign checklist.

    You retain the role of product creation if that is your skill and you musrt also retain the role of marketer.

    You can't really outsource that part because people who are good at marketing can easily find content from experts - that is the thing they normally outsource.

    Next you get specialists to do each item on the list.

    Your list might look like this:

    Content = YOU (In this case)
    Marketing Strategy = YOU

    -Website creation

    -paid search

    This is a light example.


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