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Oh Hi. How is everyone today.
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    Do you mean you only have 50 visitors to that post at this time? If so, 50 visits without a sale is nothing to be alarmed about yet.
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      50 per day, every day, so assuming I've been using it for 48 hours, and made no sale, I'd say that I need a different approach. This traffic is extremely targeted. They are ready to take action immediately.
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    Hi JasonP!

    I encourage you to keep acting for you goal. you will have to invest your time and/or your money to learn about internet marketing, traffic generation and find a plan and stick to it for 3 months... After doing so, you will be happy of your results!
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  • Hi Jason,

    You said:

    Originally Posted by JasonP View Post

    The thing is, I don't know how to make the sales with my affiliate program. I use wordpress to make my sites, and have no idea about landing pages, sales pages, and things like that. I just know I could be making more money than I currently am.
    Patience grasshopper! :p

    If you are a newbie to affiliate marketing and admit you don't know anything about sales pages, it can take 200 or more clicks before you get your 1st sale. (After you learn the game conversions should get much better) That's CLICKS not visits. And depending on a wide variety of factors you may only be getting a click through rate of 3% or even less.

    So the main thing is you don't have enough data to even work with yet. If visits are high and clicks are low then it could be the targeting of the traffic, your copy, your presell, the type of banners or links you use, your call to action or something else.

    If your clickthrough rate was high and you had lots of clicks and no sales then the problem would more likely be on the merchant's side. Either their landing page was weak, their free trial offer sounded too good to be true and consumers don't trust it, their site just doesn't convert, they have leaks or their tracking doesn't work right.

    So anyway there are a lot of variables to consider.

    How many clicks on your affiliate link did you get in that 48 hour period?

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    Hi Jason

    Just wanted to throw you a high five for your first post. Takes courage to step up and ask for help.

    This is the best forum for Internet Marketers and you will find folks very generous with their help. Keep asking questions and keep reading the posts.

    Look closely at your clicks not visits. A high click through rate is very desirable and if you have it and are not getting sales, I have to agree with 5starAffiliatePrograms, something is amiss.

    Much success to you.
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    If you want to see some sort of results quickly try build a list (if it's a long term problem niche) using a free or low priced product. That way you can build trust with them and then recommend something of value to them.
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    If I were you I'd get an autoresponder like Aweber and have sign them up to your list in order to see your special free trial link.
    As your list grows you can also promote related products to them.

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    Everyone is giving good advice just keep at it and listen to these guys they know their sh*t hardcore!

    Just chill, I advise not looking at your stats for a couple of days or maybe even a week at first. otherwise you will just freak yourself out and get depressed because of the lack of sales. I know I have been there.

    Hang in there and congrats on posting. This is the place to learn!
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    I've just sent you a PM
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