Pricing Advice for Domain Names with High Search Volume

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I hope best for all the warriors.

I have some domain names with dot com extension and high monthly search volume.

I am finding it tough to settle my self for Asking Price or BIN Price.

Kindly suggets me if you have experience in this regard.

Note:- 30 Domains have exact seacrh volume reanging from 300,000 to 20,500 monthly.

Stay Blessed!
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    There are various free online services which estimate a value for a domain. GoDaddy has one, and there are a few others . . . try them all because the estimates can vary a lot, but what they will give you is something you can take a screen-shot of, and put it in your sales-copy for selling the website (then sell it at less than the estimate).

    On the other hand, if you have sites with lots of traffic, why not monetise them instead of selling them?

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    If the searches are "buyer keywords" (like "xproduct review" or "buy xproduct"), you can make a ton of cash flipping domains, but if the searches are just for info with no intent to buy (like "home remedy for whatever"), then you won't get too much from my experience.
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    I think your question is better suited on a domain forum like NamePros.

    My answer is if you are not well-versed in pricing and selling premium domains, your best bet might be to use a reputable domain name brokerage service.
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