Best way to monetize a website in the planted aquariums niche?

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Hi all,

I have a website/blog in the planted aquarium niche, it's been online since 2014 when I posted some very good articles which ranked well. Then I posted like once every few months and so on.

Now it sits pretty good on Google's first page for a good number of important keywords.

It has Adsense on it from the beginning but it's earning so low, like $1-$2 per day (in the best days), in total I get around $30-35 per month from adsense earnings.

Since 3 months ago I started to work again on it, posting on social media often (Facebook, Insta, Pinterest) and I managed to get it up to 500 users per day (850 pageviews), with a total of around 11k users in the last 30 days.

I've also started to build an email list since February of last year.

I could try to up those numbers and get it to 10x of what Im getting now, but that would really multiply my adsense earnings? And if so, I'd be at around $300 a month, which would be awesome but I want to earn more from it.

Would appreciate some fresh ideas from you guys.

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    here is a start. it looks like amazon has plenty of products you can offer


    It is true that money can not buy happiness, But it is more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes than on a bicycle

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  • If you want to earn more, you should consider to promote your own products or other affiliate offers which have far better margin then AdSense.
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    • Seconding this, you should work on getting some partnerships with pet stores that sell aquariums or start making other type of content.
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    - Create helpful content.
    - Build strong bonds with other folks in this aquariams niche.

    Money sits in creations and connections. Income streams are just receiving vehicles.


    - write and self-publish eBooks on Amazon
    - create video courses and sell
    - offer consulting via Zoom, for folks who need help with their planet aquariams
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    To get more generic traffic to your website, you can try joining forums which are relevant to your niche. There are a bunch of them just by searching google. You can link your website to your account profile and join relevant discussions sharing some ideas or infos in the community. Or, if the forum allows you to post or advertise you website link, then would be much better to market your website.

    Another thing is to create social media accounts for you site so you can build a community of people with the same interest. Post highly relevant content on those accounts regularly so you keep your followers updated and interested about you.
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