4 Tips to Get the Most out of Courses and eBooks

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Internet marketers who get the most of out courses, eBooks and other premium products tend to do a few things.

Before investing money in any learning materials, follow these tips.

1: Study the Creator

I mean, really study the person. Spend a few hours reading their blog, checking their background and getting to know the person. Are they knowledgeable? Connected? Well known in their niche? If their free content feels helpful, their premium products tend to be helpful, too. Feel clear on your buying decision; check the source of the course or eBook.

2: Consume the Offering (Skip NOTHING)

Read every page of the eBook. Follow every module of the course. Before putting the knowledge into action you need the full amount of knowledge, to put into action. Complete the offering with patience and persistence. Take your time. Soak it up.

3: Take Notes and Study

These are often new concepts quite unfamiliar to you. You better take notes, and study, to allow the ideas to seep into your mind, to take the knowledge with you.

Example; if you published 1 post monthly on a free blogging platform, as the whole of your blogging efforts, ALL 60 plus pages of my blogging eBook will be new, unfamiliar knowledge, to you. Unless you possess a photographic memory, you cannot remember all 60 pages to put into use, later. Take notes. Study.

4: Put Your New Found Knowledge into Action

Put your new found knowledge into action:

- generously
- patiently
- persistently

for months, then years. Good things take time. If you've been blogging or marketing the terrified, panicked, amateur hour, struggling and failing way, it's gonna take ample effort, ample time and detachment, to do things the clear, calm, confident, detached, professional way. Be patient. Relax. Feel discomfort. Proceed.

Nobody makes you successful, but you, following smart, sound advice from proven, heart-centered, pros. The course is the guideline, or tool. You are the craftsperson, learning how to use the tool by dissecting it, then, using it patiently to develop your skills.

Success will find you.

Follow these 4 steps. Prosper.
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    Conversely many people take an approach that should also be studied not necessarily to benefit the buyer of Ebooks or courses but something that needs to be understood by both buyers and sellers of information marketing.

    Commonly called "Shiny Object Syndrome"

    1. Do absolutely no research

    2. Skim through the content

    3. Believe you've learned something

    4. Relax and wait for the moolah to flow in.

    5. Buy the next big thing that attracts your attention.

    Best regards,

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      This is definitely exactly what most people do. Very SAD.
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      People with Shinyitis are the cash-cow of IM products and other Get ________ Quick products. Without those people, many IMers would be working a 9 to 5 job.

      If they even read a post like yours, they soon forget it and continue on with their Shinyitis. These people think mainly with their hearts (aka the irrational portion of the mind). Shinyitis syndrome is rarely curable.

      People want hope of a better life in the form of an absurd sales pitch. It keeps them going.

      If these people did not exist, 80+% of all products on the market would cease to exist.
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    Originally Posted by ryanbiddulph View Post

    4: Put Your New Found Knowledge into Action
    I have over many years read many success style books, been to many similar live seminars and related items events.

    There was one day I was at a local seminar with a top successful person speaking, and the place was packed, hundreds and hundreds of people.

    Sitting in the foyer during break at the seminar and looking at all of the people, I asked myself (in reflection) why is it that out of all of these people, will there only be one or two people that will go on to create success, and the others will not, they all have heard and or read the same information, and I applied that question to all of the similar books read and seminars etc.

    The answer is simple as you have stated, Action.

    Most listen to and or read something and will say ,"thats a great idea" or words to that affect, then most within 3 hours after that event, have thier minds racing towards a new thought quicker than a speeding bullet, and within 3 days those great thoughts are now a distant memory, only to be rehashed months or years later as "that was a good idea"

    I know I discovered nothing new, and that most already know, but it then made me make some new rules to learning in that now I ask myself, is that information relevent to me and what I am doing ? yes or no, if a yes then I ask how is it relevent and how would I apply or add that to what I am doing now.

    So in short I move past thats a good idea, to asking how and implimenting that Idea, putting it into action.

    With that I guess about 3 out of every 100 people who read your post here will apply what you have said, the other 97 will say thats a good post and forget about it before thier next meal.


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    This is very good advice, thanks!

    Targeted traffic is the life-blood of ANY online business. How? Check out the FREE tools!

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  • Action is the key to success but remember not to do too many things at a time to avoid overwhelming and drowning.
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