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Anybody in this forum that has tried out rebrandabletraffic.com (NOT aff.link) to send webtraffic to your own offers or resold their traffic? I would like to know the quality of this traffic please.
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    I've never used (or heard of) this site, but this section from their home page raises a red flag to me...

    You can still by credits to send visitors however, we now sell traffic on an unlimited basis. For $19.95/month, you site will receive thousands of visitors each and every month."

    Thousands of "visitors" for such a ridiculously low price is no doubt very low quality or fake bot traffic.

    What's fake bot traffic? Look up "Babylon Traffic" and you'll see that they sell fake traffic for very cheap also and they say this on their FAQ page...

    "Is the traffic from real humans?
    No, it is bot traffic.
    But we use real web browsers to send it. It means the traffic looks like real human traffic, but you can't convert it into leads for example."

    Don't waste your money... hope this helps!

    Kevin "Grind Boss" Ocasio
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  • I'll be honest and say I have not used this specific source, but my general comment with traffic is QUALITY is far more important than QUANTITY.

    Traffic is one area where you really get what you pay for, and I am yet to see one of these types of offers create anything that is worth purchasing.
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    I have posted about this many times before. But here it goes...

    Assuming you are buying from a legitimate seller (I don't know if this site is legit), this type of traffic is usually from popunders and links from parked domain pages that get traffic.

    Because of this, it is only good for certain types of landing pages selling products that are generally marketed to the desperate or lazy or gullible or addicted. A few good examples of markets are viagra, dating, sometimes supplements, sometimes get-rich-quick, gambling, etc, etc, etc.

    Your landing page has to be geared properly and your offer has to be proper for this type of traffic to convert (but then I guess that's the same for any advertising, right?). If you're just going to direct this traffic to your home page or blog or whatever, it's worthless.

    Another thing you have to keep in mind is that some affiliate programs can detect this type of traffic and disallow you to send this type traffic to their links. So you don't want to use your aff link on the landing page to be safe.

    I used to use this type of traffic successfully years ago when I was promoting off-shore pharmacies selling generic viagra and some gambling sites. It took me a while to find a few legit sources but I found them and it worked for me. But none of my sources are in business (at least not at the same websites) so I cannot recommend any. You have to watch because many of these traffic sellers are just sending you bot traffic, which obviously will never convert.

    All in all, I do not recommend this traffic to the average person. but if you do decide to buy this type of traffic, I can tell you for sure to stay away from Fiverr or any other marketplace where people are selling this type of traffic as you can bet that it is most likely bot traffic.

    Here's an old PDF that was posted here on WF years ago. I can't find the thread, but I found the PDF on google...
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    This is the same useless traffic that solo vendors sell. Ocassionally, they will use someone in their syndicate to 'inject' a sale to make things look legit for the sake of testimonial integrity and each person will do that same favour for the next.

    That includes 'Kings', 'Queens', Princes, 'Ninjas' of Solo ads and 'Microsoft Certified' individuals.

    Conversion will be nil, at least without the mentioned human interjection.

    Needles to say, I would advise you completely avoid it and anything remotely similar.
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