These four things keep me going... what about you?

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I've been wanting to write this for quite a while now, but I personally consider myself a rather boring person, and an even more boring writer, so... here we come... lol

Here are a few things that help me personally stay on point. I get very easily distracted, and if I didn't have these defined, I'd be all over the place.

1. If you got something going, keep at it.

Don't get me wrong. Everybody needs to start somewhere, but if you have something going, and you've been at it for a while, you have a much better chance getting it to work than starting from scratch.

2. Have a clear goal.

What do you want to achieve? How much you want to make? In what time frame?

3. Understand that this is a business.

To get any business going, you'll need a clear plan. What's more, you'll most likely fail multiple times before you see something working out for you.

When you fail, don't quit and move to the next thing. Instead, keep at it. Work out the problems and keep going.

4. Relax.

This one is so under rated. There is so much to do and so much pressure, that unless you relax, you'll get really, really tired, really really quickly.

There are plenty other things that I consider to be important, but I didn't want to make this post too long.

Anyway... what else do you think we should add to this list?
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  • After having a clear goal, you need to take action and stayed focus. Do not do too many things at a time, otherwise you will easily get overwhelmed and feel tired really quickly.
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    great point
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    If you talking about lack of focus and motivation to do things, this is what I am doing to increase my productivity. I have heard that writting down daily tasks somewhere visible, makes you do the tasks. So I bought a board and put it on the wall and evening I write down the tasks which I need to do next day and it really works very well. In the morning I wake up and see the tasks and its' really easy to them, try it.
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    The four things that me that keep my going are my family, my goals, helping others achieve and to do what I love everyday
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    Concerning the goals you want to achieve I have found that visual images of what you are working for will help keep you motivated. Also many people who want to quit do so right before they are about to break out, just a matter of keeping your head down and staying focused.
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    What keeps me going is this:

    This summer I plan on riding my bicycle from Lithuania to Amsterdam, completely alone. It's a 1700km journey but I'm SO EXCITED I can't contain myself.

    I need to reach my income goals in 4 months so I can quit my job and do this. It's gonna be awesome.
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