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by aclacy
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Hi guys,

I am sitting trying to write a special introductory offer email to offline businesses.

I am a bit stuck I want to sell some $500 - $700 services to get my foot in the door.

Does anyone have any templates or WSO's or something I can use, as copy writing is not my strongest skill?

Please PM me and I'll send you my email or pay pal id if ther eis a cost.

many thanks

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    Don't struggle yourself unless you really want to learn this stuff along the way. The best way is to outsource, hire a professional to do it.

    Sometimes even tiny thing can affect conversion rates.

    Ask as many people as you can to review your copy before you use it.
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      Hi Andrew,'

      I definitely agree with what David said. Using strong copy can make or break your project and once you lost your potential client you will have to do the work all over again to try and win him at a later stage.

      If it helps, try to think about your potential clients before you write the copy (if you end up doing it yourself.)

      -- What is their pain?
      -- What frustrates them?
      -- Are they looking for solutions? If so, position yourself as the problem solver.
      -- Do they need help?
      -- Are they desperate for your services/product?
      -- Do they have problems?

      Keep their interests at heart and make your email about THEM. That should help a lot.

      Good luck
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      No, I can not write your copy for you. However, this is what I am thinking right now.

      Sign up for aweber, you get 2 weeks for free. Spend those 2 weeks learning the system and go door to door to any and all businesses. Get their email address, offer them FREE advise on how to advertise online so that they opt in.

      Send them an email every 3rd day with some free tips on how to market themselves. Give them 80% of your knowledge but leave 20% out. If they REALLY wanted to do their own marketing, with a little research, they could find out.

      Once they understand what the internet can do for them, and realize the time commitment, they might hire YOU to do the work. After all, you were the one that educated them.

      At the same time, you are growing your list of business owners that you can market to. Might take you 5-10-15-20 emails, but by then, they would understand the power of an auto responder and have lots of ideas on how to market themselves.

      Again, stress the point that what they should do, is to concentrate their time on building their business and leave the marketing to you.

      Hope that helps, Eva

      P.s. No, I have NOT tried this myself yet but I am in the process to. Therefor, and according to the FTC, I can not honestly say that I made x dollars due to the fact. When I do, I will have a licensed attorney look over my bank account and have it verified if there is any money in it at all and the source it came from. Basically, whatever effort you put into it, that will be your outcome, lol .
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    Thanks Tim,

    I have the WSO and it's very good. I would recommend to anyone in the offline industry. I was just after a different approach. My more details are the fact I just want to offer a couple of lower end services so people can try me with little risk, get a feel for a month then get a higher commission after that.

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    If you want email copywriters, here's a good source.

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    If you want some free videos on email copywriting, check the Youtube link at the left.

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