I've Got a HOT Niche I Would Like to Give to Someone...

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Back when I was doing a lot of keyword research in my favorite niches, this kept coming up...I even went so far as to register a domain name and do a lot of research on this.

Like a lot of niches, the only thing that the customers have in common is the niche itself. Ever tried to market to a movie niche? You'll understand what I mean!

So here's the offer.. I've got tons of research on this, but decided that the best way to promote it would be a review type set-up and almost every affiliate program you could promote this with would be an 8-12% site such as Walmart or BestBuy or maybe Amazon.

I'm not far enough along to create hundreds of pages that might benefit me later like this would. What I want to do is give this to a person who is new to the forum and tells me why they could make this work.

Tell me that you have the ambition to join several affiliate programs that pay you small change for your links, only to promote this in a way that will prove effective.

It's all handwritten on legal pads, and it all weighs about a pound, and I'm going to ask that you at least pay for the shipping, but this is good sh*t for someone that wants a killer niche with a lot of searches, especially with christmas just around the corner.

So your task is to tell me how you would go about marketing a physical product that has tons of enthusiasts but very little in common except for the XXXXX.

May the best man win!

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