Best Facebook Video Ad creation courses? Please help me find a course!

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There are tons of Facebook Ad courses advertised on YouTube, Facebook, etc.

I've taken Tai Lopez's SMMA and E-Commerce, Amy Porterfield's courses, and several others on Udemy.

But I've found that most of talk mostly about the ad manager but gloss over ways to improve an existing Facebook Ad.

I haven't been able to find one that thoroughly explains how to create Facebook Ads (specifically video ads).

Do you know any courses that could help me create video ads for Facebook?

As of now, I'm considering's Gene Pool but that's for YouTube Ads. How related are YouTube video ads to Facebook video ads?

Thank you in advance for anyone who helps!
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    Ask Dave Kaminski from! Hope it helps! Good luck.-

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    You don't really need a course for this. All you have to do is find Facebook ads promoting similar products/services and model your ads after theirs (in your own words of course with your video ad).

    Even with knowing how to create your ads, the next (and just as important) part is finding the right audience. With Facebook ads, there's also a lot of testing involved.

    By the way, while it's down for maintenance at the time I'm posting this, you can find competitor ads for free using this online tool:

    Hope this helps

    Kevin "Grind Boss" Ocasio
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    I haven't used it but have heard that Biteable is good video ad maker.
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    go to warriorplus and jvzoo and use their search function. they have many products available on the subject


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    There are a lot of videos and pdf documents are available to learn about advertising on social media and other platforms.
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    Check out Nicholas kusmich and Cat Howell.
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