Unable to generate traffic in my blogging website

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I have 6-month-old website and I'm unable to generate traffic on my website can anyone suggest me some ways by which I can increase my website traffic.
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    What have you done in your site?

    If you are looking for a guide to increase traffic then follow Moz Blog.
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    Forum Management & Promotion, SEO Tips, Money Making tips etc.
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    Hey Ujjawal, leverage social media to send traffic to the website, for example, write an article in your website and post some outcomes or learning, and at end add link to your website for full article , promote article , give value, give
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    Originally Posted by Ujjawal View Post

    I have 6-month-old website and I'm unable to generate traffic in my website can anyone suggest me some ways by which I can increase my website traffic.
    How many blog posts have you published? It's hard to give much advice without actually seeing the blog in question.
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    You need to develop the art of generating interesting content and most importantly link-bait headlines which you should then promote across social media including the obvious usual suspects but less obvious sites such as ProductHunt and forums in your niche
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    I have the same problem. But I post to Facebook and Twitter And Pinterest. You can make it easier by joining IFTT. Go to youtube and learn how to use IFTT. After you get set up with IFTT it will post all your posts. Happy posting.

    hi everyone i have a blog that shows how to make money online and with apps.

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    Start building an email list and make a compelling reason to join it. Also try to increase your social media footprint. You could also try some of the reciprocating blogging websites where people promote each others websites.
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    Well, since I haven't seen your blog, let me give you some generic advice. The primary rule of blogging is consistency. You need to create a blogging schedule and stick to it. Do you want to publish 1 blog post a day, or a week, or even a month? Fine, just stick to it.

    Then, you gotta promote it. Don't wait for Google to send its magic down your way. It won't happen until you start promoting, unless you are in a very low competitive niche and you've done a lot of onsite and offsite SEO (most of which is just spammy link building tactics).

    So, find where your target audience gather. Are they on a forum, or maybe a Facebook group? Would posting 1 youtube video a day help? Or maybe you can access them faster in Pinterest or Instagram. Find them, and get your content in front of them. Promote your blog post, and see the actual magic happen.

    You gotta work to get results. It doesn't happen overnight.
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      I'm unable to decide one particular niche for my blogging and bounce from one topic to another. What shall I do?
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        Originally Posted by Ujjawal View Post

        I'm unable to decide one particular niche for my blogging and bounce from one topic to another. What shall I do?
        First, you should choose one niche and stick to it, build it up and then move to the other. If you jump from one niche to the other, you won't build much.

        As it has already been mentioned earlier by some members here, it's hard to tell without seeing your blog. But here are a couple of tips I can give you from my experience:

        - Publish QUALITY content. If you can stick to a schedule, even better.
        - Learn one free and one paid traffic method and master them. No need to use 1,000 traffic methods.
        - Make your site ready for that traffic. Before you start sending traffic, make sure you have something to capture those visitors, like opt-in boxes or popups to build your list. If you publish quality content and you have a decent-sized list, your subscribers will be the main source of your traffic.

        An example of what you could do:

        1. Publish your post.
        2. Repurpose your content and publish it as a video, podcast or pdf etc in related submission sites.
        3. Use Facebook ads to get traffic to it. Build an audience with your ad so that you can retarget those visitors later.

        Traffic doesn't happen overnight. You should be patient and keep at it until you get it right.

        Hope this helps
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    Can you provide us with more detail about your website, because there could be many which can cause low traffic or no traffic.
    If talking in general, try to create unique content for your site, If you can spend money on marketing it, then you can try Facebook ads, it could bring a good amount of traffic to your site.
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      After doing one Facebook ad will I have to advertise it again and again to maintain a good amount of traffic. Is there any organic way of generating traffic without getting indulged into paid ones.
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    You need to quality content and unique content for posting and create backlink on high pa da sites.
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    there are tons of traffic sources, paid or free ones.
    First of all you can do comments of other blogs in your niche, make sure the comments are high quality and not spammy. Also you can comment in forums too.
    As somebody already said, you can capture email adress and build a list, so you can email them after your new post come into your blog.

    You also can start a youtube channel on your niche and provide usefull and interesting content via YT.

    These are just few free traffic sources, I think best would be to google it and you will find plenty of awesome ideas for your blog and how to get more visitors.
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    When it comes to blogging, why not go to one of the best sites around... ProBlogger.

    Here's one of their most recent posts on getting traffic to your blog

    Good luck with your blog!

    Kevin "Grind Boss" Ocasio
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    Originally Posted by Ujjawal View Post

    I have 6-month-old website and I'm unable to generate traffic on my website can anyone suggest me some ways by which I can increase my website traffic.

    Follow these 2 simple steps:

    1) Make sure your blog has high quality content. People aren't going to read generic, two-cent-per-word, filler content. It must provide value.

    2) Go to YouTube and search for Neil Patel's channel. Watch some of his videos and take action.

    If you do those two things, that should take care of the problem.

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  • Ujjawal,

    If you haven't done this, then I recommend creating an ideal viewer profile. You should also perform competitor and B2B partner analytics. Here are some guide questions:

    1. Who are your ideal viewers?
    -- Where can you find them?
    -- What sites, blogs, apps, social groups and online communities do they use?
    -- Which of those are most relevant to your brand, content and offers?
    -- Which of those are aligned to the related interests, needs, habits and preferences of your target viewers?
    -- How should you inform them about your offers?
    -- How can you strategically communicate to them the unique benefits of your offers without sounding too salescy?

    2. Who are your top competitors?
    -- Where are they promoting their latest offers?
    -- Which are their best performing campaigns?
    -- How did they create these campaigns?
    -- How are they managing these best performing campaigns?
    -- How can you emulate their successes and avoid their mistakes for your own promotional campaigns?
    -- How can you inform your target viewers about the things that differentiate your content and offers from all the rest that's out there?

    3. Who are your ideal B2B partners for mutually beneficial co-marketing opportunities?
    -- Which vertical niche markets do their businesses cater to?
    -- Which of them have target audiences with interests and needs that are most relevant to your brand, content and offers?
    -- Are there possible cost-effective content publishing, advertising and co-marketing opportunities at their apps and Web properties for your brand, content and offers?
    -- What sort of value propositions can entice them to start mutually beneficial co-marketing deals with you?

    I hope this helps ...

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    Can we see the website? If not, you may as well be asking a blind hooker for car advice

    Donate Now: Help the Warrior Forum Come out of it's 3rd world state!

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    You can receive big powerful traffic by using these:
    Socialmedia, organic traffic from search engines, banners, blogging (articles).

    BUT => one of the best is getting clicks from your own mailing lists
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  • It is always difficult to be precise with advice as we don't know the details of your blog, however, there are definitely some general things you can do:

    1. As has been mention you need to make sure you are adding quality content that people will WANT to read. You want people to WANT to come back AND even share your blog.

    2. Following on from the previous comment, ensure you make the sharing as easy as possible by making sure you have social sharing buttons on your site (there are various free plugins that you can use to do this).

    3. Make sure you are talking about your blog and specifically the content on your blog. I'm not talking about spamming, but refer to it whenever you can in social media or on relevant forums (this might be via a signature). At the end of the day if you are not prepared to talk about your blog, why would others

    I hope this helps and all the best with the promotion of your site

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    The main thing you can do is focus on your bounce rate and time on site statistics.

    If they're bad then you won't get ranked because there are just too many great sites around these days. Also the giants (Reddit, Quora etc.) are hoovering up traffic in many niches these days, which is killing the small indy sites.
    ÖŽ FindABlog: Find blogs to comment on, guest posting opportunities and more ÖŽ

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    Content -> Traffic -> Presell -> Monetization is the formula. If traffic is a problem, then content needs to be increased - both in quality and quantity. Good longtail keyword research combined with relevant unique content and some EDU / ORG backlinks with a mix of dofollow and nofollow will surely help to increase traffic. Being consistent about adding content also helps increase search engine rankings.
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    Are you looking for traffic or subscribers? If the latter, then you might wanna check out automated services like BitManta or similar to get you off the ground. Good luck!
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    - publish content daily
    - guest post on blogs from your niche
    - comment genuinely on blogs from your niche

    This will boost traffic, for sure.
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Learn to buy traffic profitably. It changes EVERYTHING. People who learn to buy it profitably never post about "how to get traffic" for a reason. Follow that reason.
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    The first thing that I would do is run a site test with a tool like pingdom to help you identify the bugs.If your website is not Search friendly and the quality of your content is low these things can hurt your ranking.
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    Traffic increase by SMO task. You can do this definitely increase your traffic.
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    SEO is long term, traffic won't come magically, you need to target specific keywords and build backlinks.

    You are much better buying traffic, make a Facebook Page and promote it using a link click ad or PPE ad. You will get traffic and fast, make sure you are building a list and promoting offers otherwise you are wasting money.

    What is your goal? What is your niche?
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    Originally Posted by Ujjawal View Post

    I have 6-month-old website and I'm unable to generate traffic on my website can anyone suggest me some ways by which I can increase my website traffic.
    Traffic is the easy part. When people land on your blog, what is there to motivate them to browse further, click on things, or even buy something? What is your blog address because without it, it's like we're talking to a doorknob. We have no idea if you're taking or advice seriously, or if you arent.
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  • You may consider the following points to attract traffic to your website:
    1. Run an audit of your site using any site auditing tool available for free.
    2. Improve on-page SEO.
    3. Work on off-page SEO - particularly, build quality backlinks to your site.
    4. Create high-quality content on your site.
    5. Share your posts on social media sites.
    6. Submit your sites to some high authority blog directories.
    7. Be regular in publishing new posts.
    8. Comment on other blogs.
    9. Visit on Quora site and answer users' questions. It will earn you good traffic.
    10. Visit top websites of your niche and read articles regularly. It will enhance your knowledge.
    I hope these tips will help you.
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    Without looking at your website, it is not possible to suggest anything so first I need to see your blogging website. After analyzing your website then I will able to solve your problem.
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    Create an account on pinterest and start pinning your content in group boards.

    You will get traffic.
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    Hey Ujjawal,

    As a blogger, I know it's hard to increase traffic organically. It took me more than a year to build a good blog with a considerable user base.

    I've grown the traffic in two different niches, so I guess the following strategies will work for you too. That being said, as everyone else said, we need to know the website in question to get to the specifics.

    Here it goes.

    a. Audience:

    Define an audience for you. Sounds banal? But it works. If you know your reader is an 18 to 24-year graduate looking to learn/interested in specific stuff, you know what to write and how to write.

    b. SEO:

    Search engine optimization comes second. Once you have the audience, right content, you then can optimize it for search engines like Google.

    But what content to pick or keyword to target first? That's the trickiest part. You need to find the keywords or topic with enough search volume and manageable competition. Overlook any one of the two, you may have to wait longer.

    Sidenote: You need to have backlinks from relevant websites and forums so that the search engine will consider you as a credible source. You can guest post with a link or publish original content which is worthy enough for other websites to link to.

    c. Social media:

    There's a reason why I put social media after SEO. Social media can get you immediate results, but the results are short-lived. One post can get you 100 visitors in an hour, but for the next week, you wouldn't get even 10. But optimizing for search engine gives you a compounding result.

    Unlike social media, people will search things over and over and you'll get a good number of consistently growing traffic over time. You need to use social media as a driver to get the word out.

    Sidenote: Schedule and post every day at the same time and improve the content and posting time-based on what your readers like and when they're active. Get influencers to share your content with their followers (quote them or pay them or figure a way out to do it).

    Build a list:

    Of all, this is where you need to focus more. Because none of them are permanent and they can change in a day and you can't do anything about it. Try to frame a route to reach your readers (emails) so you don't need to worry about algorithm changes all the time.

    Right now, you need to use social media to get the word out, search engine optimization to get consistent traffic and start building an email list. Once you've grown your email list, you need to use the email list to get you, new visitors and subscribers.


    Most website owners try to get as much revenue as possible once they reach the minimum requirements to partner with ad networks. But that's not the way. I tried it and failed. You need to find the right balance and it requires a barbell strategy to grow your traffic and revenue consistently. There's a new slack channel where website owners and marketer discuss how to grow visitors, ad revenue, social media followers, etc. Feel free to join.
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    There are no perfect tricks or magic by which we can generate or increase traffic you have to work on
    Help search engines find your site.
    Blog regularly.
    Use Keywords On Your Site.
    Use appropriate tags.
    Read and comment on other blogs.
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    Website traffic can be increased by different SEO techniques.But content is the King. You should create unique content and promote it .Then traffic will also be increased automatically
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